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27 March 2017

A Family of Faith

Written on March 5, 2017....

I love that my family is a family of faith.  It is generational on both sides and a blessing.  A family of strong Christian women who truly understand how blessed they are.  I grew up with a Grandmama and a Grandmother who were each in the Word daily.  One taught me how important it is to use the gift of teaching and the other taught me how to help my love ones know that they are cherished.... not only by me but also by the Father in times of happiness AND trials.
(I know -- I am working on getting back to this gift.)

My Mama has carried on the tradition.  She has demonstrated the importance of showing Jesus' love to everyone you meet, continuing to learn more about the Word, mentoring kids and newer Christians -- and she is always available to answer a question because I can't remember or what I find when I dig doesn't match what I remember.  My sister is amazing and has turned her gift of teaching toward women in her community and continues to learn more daily.

Why the reminiscing about these ladies and so many more women in my family?

Yesterday I planned to leave my aunt and uncle's house but my body decided differently and so I was blessed with a great gift.  Quiet time and reminders of who we are in Christ, how much God loves us, and how ONLY we compare ourselves to others.... with my Aunt.  Another woman of faith who has led Bible Study programs and has shown God's love through her great gift of hospitality.

I found a Young Living box on my doorstep when I arrived home.... It contained an oil set I have been dreaming about for over a year.  Oils of Ancient Scriptures.  My Mama and I are going to do a study around it and as I told her it arrived became a conversation of what the oils smell like, when they were used, how they were used, and what it was like at this time.

The five minute "our Scripture oils came in" conversation became much longer and I knew for certain that God had orchestrated the entire 2 days to remind me of the legacy I come from and who I am as a woman of Christ.

I didn't make it to church today because I got off the phone with my mom and got lost in the Bible --- but I know that the messages I received were the ones He knew I needed to hear.

Who do you have speaking truth into your life? Is there someone who can pray for you at a moment's notice? Tell you when you are in the wrong?.....

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