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14 February 2017

2 Years Later.... more grey hair..... and a tiny bit wiser.


I can't believe it has really been 2 years since I sat with just this screen and my thoughts.... (and Lucy snoring beside me). 
So many things are different.... some things are unchanged.....

On a different day I will update on the who, the where, and the when ....
...along with the quotes on my blog homepage :)

For now.....
     the reason why I am here....

I met a young lady last month and it is a friendship that shows the handprints of God in its creation, placement, and plans.  We are but two pawns in the game --- luckily both of us is willing to listen to the still small voice.  I have been hearing it for years (although not always listening)... she is new to this amazing life and beginning to hear when He speaks. 

One day....
if she gives me permission....
I will tell the story of the last couple of weeks....

Until then....
...the thing that brought me here today... Valentine's Day.... at 1:30am (2:50am completion) when I should be sleeping...

I am a quote fanatic!

Some people are addicted to drugs... or food... or sex...
I am addicted to:
old Ball jars
old quilts
(old stuff in general)
Essential Oils
art/crafts/home goods made by local artists
local farms/gardens.... eggs :)

I encourage my students each semester to dig for quotes in the first week or two that can be uplifting, supportive, inspiring, and funny --- for later in the semester when life gets a bit rough. 
(No, this is not a reflection on me as a professor)

Tonight.... after being cooped up in the house since Thursday with what could be the flu.... I was in need of encouragement.... and I began looking for quotes and verses for the young lady mentioned above... and myself.

             One quote really caught my eye...
Now -- my life is my life and others have it much harder than I.  I love most parts of my life and God is helping me to learn through the others.  I have a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and supportive family and friends... ---> the things I need.

I make it a point to keep my pity parties down to a minimum both those spoken aloud and those in my head.

What jumped out today tonight THIS MORNING was the "finisher" portion of that verse.  Of course we could also look at it from an Alpha and Omega or  Beginning and End view.

I love that this verse encapsulates the fact that God was with me in the very beginning where He knit me in my mama's womb  (for this special package -- I required an extra month --> EXTRA special) and He will be with us at the end.

The Greatest part of that???
EVERYTHING in between!

It means He is walking with me, or carrying me, through ALL of the parts!!!
The happy days --when I am celebrating a wedding, a birth, a beautiful flower, a patient walking or rolling for the  first time....
The harder days --when a family member needs help and I can't provide it, a patient red flags for cancer, a car going into the shop for an oil change and coming out needing so so much more, or a brain that feels like mush, can't remember anything, and tricks my body into thinking it is on a boat ... even when I am sitting or standing still with my back against the wall and feet securely on the floor.

Medicine can be useful, Essential Oils are great,
but the fact that I am not alone in this journey is the BEST!