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29 June 2014

A Day to -- Just Be

I try to make it a point to not just provide a description of my day. But this one is worth it.  The only things that could make it better --- 1. People to share it with 2. The ability to sleep in tomorrow morning :)

Sometimes ---- you wake up and just need a day.  A day to breathe.  A day to live. A day without judgement. A day without work.  A day without laundry.  A day without paperwork.  

A day to just.  Be. 

After a week of work followed by four full days of sitting in seminars and then straight into another work week -- Add in that today is Day 11 of the same migraine-- and I just needed a day.  To just.  Be.  I'm sure we all have those days.  Today I found my solution. 

Early service as I tried out Real Life Christian Church.  Yep.  I'm church hoppin again.  I really liked this one!  And with tears streaming down my face during "oh precious is the flow -- that makes me white as snow.  No other fount I know...." I knew it was where I was supposed to be in that moment.  (How many of you sang that in your head?)

Follow that with the racing heart that can only be inspired by driving through the curvy, no shouldered, country roads of Pungo with your tank on empty and gas light blinking. Oh wait --- add a cop car with flashing lights pulling up on your bumper.  Yep.   Heart beating at heart attack speed :)

While attempting to find a gas station I found myself 10 minutes from my favorite VA beach --- and so logically -- brunch became food from the little corner store as I listened and watched the waves try to move the world under my feet.  

How do you top that?!

You stop at the farmer's market for veggies. My favorite time of the year --- when I can buy the majority of my food from the people who grew or made it and use the grocery store to fill the gaps. 

And you pick a bouquet from a field of Zinnias.  Seriously!  

If you know me you understand my love of flowers and what a true pleasure this was. The farmer's wife gave me a tour of the colors and a cutting lesson and then said " We're open til 5.  Have fun and I will see you in a couple of hours."  With my camera and all the butterflies it could have been true. Next time. 

I ended the day with chicken, my veggies, and my grill.  My yard smelled like the NC State Fair and that is seriously one of my happy places.  

And now .... Sleep.  

I hope your day was one that allowed you some time to Just.  Be.