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09 February 2014

Mini ponderings on IF and explanation of absence

I could say that my absence was due to my lack of a working computer and migraines too frequent for me to attempt typing an entire blog post on my phone.  It wouldn't be a lie but neither would it be the entire truth.  When I began creating this blog I made a pact with myself.  I didn't want the blog to be depressing rantings like so many blogs seem to be but I also wanted truth on the screen.  Transparency was my goal.  That being said.  The thoughts in my mind and conflict within myself has not been worthy of this screen and thus.... 

A quick catch up...

I have officially graduated from grad school.  I now spend my days signing paperwork with Christa Todd, PT, DPT and attempting to not sign this on checks and receipts :)  I am now employed at The Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters (more easily known as CHKD) as a pediatric physical therapist.  I LOVE my job!  Seriously!  My case load ranges from a few months old to 19 years old.  I typically see kids with neurological deficits and developmental delays.  Occassionally I am called to use my orthopedic knowledge and it often takes a glance at my resources to pull away the cobwebs. My days are long as I work four ten hour days and the beginning of my weekend is often spent recovering from my week. 

I rent a house about 12-15 minutes from my job in a neighborhood of working class people of all ages and ethicities.  It is not uncommon for me to be vacuuming late at night or attempting to organize and clean out my still crazy looking home.  Nor is it uncommon for me to jump after bumping a wall in fear of having upset my neighbors --- only to realize I live in a house -- no one on the other side of my wall. Then again, I also apologize when I bump into manequins in stores. Am I the only one?

I am the crazy lady in the neighborhood who isn't married, has no children, and mows her yard with an electric lawn mower.  I am that lady and most days I am okay with it.  

The last couple of weeks have meant snow beyond reason and driving in conditions that make my heart race in my chest and blood thunder through my veins.  You know those stupid signs that say bridges and overpasses freeze before roads.  I always thought they were ridiculous and each time I read them the famous word "Duh" came to mind.  The rain fell and became inches of ice, the snow came and covered the snow, and then I drove.  As I drove I realized those signs are not so stupid.  Approx 85% of my commute from home to work is either a bridge, an overpass, or a raised highway/interstate.  Let's just say that life was interesting. The 11+ inches of snow was much better than the ice topped with snow. 

The snow also provided my neighbors with a good laugh as the crazy electric mowing lady swept eleven plus inches of snow from her driveway with a broom.  Three kind older gentlemen from my neighborhood appeared with shovels to assist with the second half.  Which was not only helpful but also provided me with the opportunity to constantly monitor my new manly friends for signs of heart attack while they shoveled :)

All caught up?

This is my life. Add in a few trips home and a couple of friends visiting and you have all of the highlights for the last 9 months.


I spent this weekend with one of my favorite people.  She organized a simulcast viewing for the IF:Gathering.  It was two days of female authors and speakers with amazing messages, worship, food, laughter, and tears.  As I sort through my thoughts and emotions from this weekend I will share. For now, I'm going to curl up on the couch and work on my stack of books to read with the Olympics in the background. 
God is good y'all. 

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jct said...

Yes, He is! Love you!