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19 February 2014

Maybe I Need a New Title

I work as a pediatric PT.  My kids come in all types of bodies . Some are tiny, some are much bigger than mine, some fully function, and some not so much. And the families are no different --- all different.  One of my favorite things about my job is that every day is different and you never know what you'll find.  Today was no exception.  I asked a caregiver what I thought was a pretty standard question.  The answer was not a standard response.

Me: "What is your goal for therapy? What do you want to see come out of (your kid's) time with me?"

Caregiver: "The doctor said that PT has worked miracles for some of her kids in the past.  I want you to work a miracle."

Now..... I am not sure what the proper response is in this situation but allow me to elaborate on the options that were immediately floating through my head....

1. Well. Let me go grab my magic wand and fairy dust.
2. Watch me walk on water as I leave the room.
3. Did you bring your loaves and fishes?
4. Would you like some wine with your water?
5. Would you like a better dress to wear to the ball? How about a carriage made from a pumpkin?
6. Yep, that's my degree ... Doctor of Miracles.
7. Sure - my business card has my name with Miracle Worker for the title.

In reality I asked "Can you be more specific?"

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Lori Harris said...

I am laughing out loud Christa! I can see your face right this minute! Girl, Don't your big girl panties do more than just cover your hiney????