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23 February 2014

He has a....

sense of humor.

If you don't think so you haven't seen the God I have often seen.  Humor and irony.  I like to think that you see certain parts of His personality to match your own --- as I have a tendency to be a bit (just a bit) sarcastic at times I am certain that his responses are in a form that resonates with me.  

Case(s) in Point

1. Yesterday I drove through a drive thru carwash to get the salt off of the undercarriage of my car.  Many of you are thinking that this isn't such a big task.  However, thanks to a dear friend (who shall not be named -- but you know who you are) decided to take a 15 passenger van loaded with myself and a ton of kids through a small carwash years ago.  As she and I were just getting to know each other at that point she was unaware (until we were entering the carwash) that I have a bit of difficulty with small spaces.  Add to that the fact that the majority of the kids were screaming my name and well --- you can imagine.
       Now --- back to present day -- yesterday.  I decide to put on my big girl panties and go through the drive thru.  I literally said a prayer before entering.  Seriously.  God laughed - and about that time I realized that this was a carwash unlike I was used to --- with this carwash the foam began spraying as you entered the building.  I had just paid for the carwash as I entered the carwash -- with window rolled down.  I'll let your imagination finish the story as you laugh at my stupidity and God's sense of humor.  I didn't have time to be concerned about the noise, thumping, and small space as I was busy attempting to wipe down the inside of my car before I exited so no one would know :).

2. The need for a place in ministry. I have been struggling with where my place is in ministry.  It isn't as easy as just stepping in and getting started.  I've done that in the past.  I have also found myself juggling parts of music ministry, teaching a children's Sunday school class, being in/leading small group, etc.  All at the same time.  It becomes to easy to do -- to easy to be the person people can call on whenever they need someone to help with a new project -- and it can't be about the "doing."  It becomes to easy to lose "me" in the process. 
      And so -- a training for the Children's ministry at my new church is tonight.  For weeks I have planned to attend and then awoke this morning with discouragement in my heart that I am not where I need to be to work with the kids -- that I need to be "better," " know more",  " be more fun", "more physically fit," to work with the kids. So I went to the service today with a heavy heart once again wondering where I fit -- and then the sermon occurred.
      For approx 16 wks we have been doing a verse by verse study on the book of Colossians (honestly -- a book of which I had little knowledge).  Today's verses were 4:5-18.  The Pastor wrapped up with sermon with verse 17.

".. See to it that you complete the work you have received in The Lord." (NIV)

"..Do your best in the job you received from the Master. Do your very best." (The Message)

He concluded his sermon with the reminder that the Children's training is tonight while including the fact that the training was planned months ago and they had no idea it would coincide with today's message. 

He then added -- "Maybe you think you aren't good enough, don't know enough, or aren't fun enough to work with the kids. Well you are -- those are lies --- and I can't think of a better to place to learn more."

Hook - Line - Sinker!  Guess where I will be at 5:00pm tonight.  ROC for Children's Ministry training with the faith that God will place me in the niche that had my name on it long before today. 

What's your niche? Have you found your place in ministry? It is not easy but TOTALLY worth it!

19 February 2014

Maybe I Need a New Title

I work as a pediatric PT.  My kids come in all types of bodies . Some are tiny, some are much bigger than mine, some fully function, and some not so much. And the families are no different --- all different.  One of my favorite things about my job is that every day is different and you never know what you'll find.  Today was no exception.  I asked a caregiver what I thought was a pretty standard question.  The answer was not a standard response.

Me: "What is your goal for therapy? What do you want to see come out of (your kid's) time with me?"

Caregiver: "The doctor said that PT has worked miracles for some of her kids in the past.  I want you to work a miracle."

Now..... I am not sure what the proper response is in this situation but allow me to elaborate on the options that were immediately floating through my head....

1. Well. Let me go grab my magic wand and fairy dust.
2. Watch me walk on water as I leave the room.
3. Did you bring your loaves and fishes?
4. Would you like some wine with your water?
5. Would you like a better dress to wear to the ball? How about a carriage made from a pumpkin?
6. Yep, that's my degree ... Doctor of Miracles.
7. Sure - my business card has my name with Miracle Worker for the title.

In reality I asked "Can you be more specific?"

15 February 2014

When Life is Tiring

This week was one of those weeks that makes you bone tired.  You don't care to get out of bed. You don't care to go to work. You don't care to eat.  You just are.  You just try to keep your head down.  You try to survive.  

But life goes on and you get out of bed.  You go to work.  You eat, atleast occassionally and you survive. 

Maybe this week was great for you or maybe your week was a bit like mine.  I used to find amazing peace in the Word. I would shut the world out for an hour and dig.  It wasn't about the world.  It wasn't about anthing but my need to communicate with the One. 

 The One who knows my struggles before I voice them.  He knows the dreams of my heart because He placed them there.  He knows the depth of my pain and hurt when those dreams get tampered with or people feel that it is within their right to point out how big my dreams are in a way that tells me the accomplishment of my dreams is not possible. 

It is funny (and sad) how much those comments are like miracle grow to any doubts already in your heart, mind, or spirit. 

And so I dig,  I dig for a reminder that I am forever loved and just the way I am now and not what I will be.  It's a bit amazing really when you think that He knows  everything about us... more than anyone else in the world... more than we know ourselves.  And yet He loves us.  How quickly we judge others.  How quickly we put a cost on our love and friendship.  How different would the world be if we just loved each other without judgement.  Without the ridicule.  Without the assumptions that are made daily.  

I am participating in If:Equip for many reasons.  I find it pretty amazing to think that thousands of people are reading the same verses as me each day.  Some days the verses hit me hard and other days I end with a prayer for the person or people that truly needed to hear the verses on that day. 

I also participate because while I used to be consistent with my daily Bible study I have not yet discovered the secret of balance in my new life. My day begins with a 5am alarm telling me to get out of bed and toss on my workout clothes or running shoes. This is followed by a physically and emotionally exhausting 10-11 hr work day.  I am exhausted by the time I end my day and it is not uncommon for me to walk in the door, take a shower, and climb in bed.  If it is a day that requires work at home add that to the list. 

So for now my attempt at balance (and sanity) is If:Equip at some point during the day and attempts to work on the books in my book stack by some amazing Christian authors for extra encouragement, motivation, and reality checks. 

There is a reassurance in my soul that this is enough for now but the expectations will surely grow.  I have no idea what God has planned for me but the unrest in my soul tells me it is something life changing and far outside of my comfort zone.

It seems fitting that I have reconnected with a couple of friends from long ago as they settle in to their God called life in the far boundaries of their comfort zone.  I came across a verse the other day that instantly reminded me of them. 

""The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood." John 1:14 (The Message)

They packed up their belongings and six fair skinned red headed children and moved where God told them to go.  An old farm house in the downtown region of a small Southern town where the color of their skin determines who speaks to them, how they are treated, and the doorways that are passable.  Seeing their adaptation and the way they are helping others is amazing but also terrifying.  What if God asked the same of me.  Could I do it? Could you? 

Please check them out: 

My friend Lori


10 February 2014

A quote by one of the parents of a patient.....

"I almost called in today to cancel because of the snow ... Just to mess with you."

Keep in mind .....

There was no snow outside and the forecast today was a 10% chance of snow flurries. 

I love my job.  Even on the exhausting days.   

09 February 2014

Mini ponderings on IF and explanation of absence

I could say that my absence was due to my lack of a working computer and migraines too frequent for me to attempt typing an entire blog post on my phone.  It wouldn't be a lie but neither would it be the entire truth.  When I began creating this blog I made a pact with myself.  I didn't want the blog to be depressing rantings like so many blogs seem to be but I also wanted truth on the screen.  Transparency was my goal.  That being said.  The thoughts in my mind and conflict within myself has not been worthy of this screen and thus.... 

A quick catch up...

I have officially graduated from grad school.  I now spend my days signing paperwork with Christa Todd, PT, DPT and attempting to not sign this on checks and receipts :)  I am now employed at The Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters (more easily known as CHKD) as a pediatric physical therapist.  I LOVE my job!  Seriously!  My case load ranges from a few months old to 19 years old.  I typically see kids with neurological deficits and developmental delays.  Occassionally I am called to use my orthopedic knowledge and it often takes a glance at my resources to pull away the cobwebs. My days are long as I work four ten hour days and the beginning of my weekend is often spent recovering from my week. 

I rent a house about 12-15 minutes from my job in a neighborhood of working class people of all ages and ethicities.  It is not uncommon for me to be vacuuming late at night or attempting to organize and clean out my still crazy looking home.  Nor is it uncommon for me to jump after bumping a wall in fear of having upset my neighbors --- only to realize I live in a house -- no one on the other side of my wall. Then again, I also apologize when I bump into manequins in stores. Am I the only one?

I am the crazy lady in the neighborhood who isn't married, has no children, and mows her yard with an electric lawn mower.  I am that lady and most days I am okay with it.  

The last couple of weeks have meant snow beyond reason and driving in conditions that make my heart race in my chest and blood thunder through my veins.  You know those stupid signs that say bridges and overpasses freeze before roads.  I always thought they were ridiculous and each time I read them the famous word "Duh" came to mind.  The rain fell and became inches of ice, the snow came and covered the snow, and then I drove.  As I drove I realized those signs are not so stupid.  Approx 85% of my commute from home to work is either a bridge, an overpass, or a raised highway/interstate.  Let's just say that life was interesting. The 11+ inches of snow was much better than the ice topped with snow. 

The snow also provided my neighbors with a good laugh as the crazy electric mowing lady swept eleven plus inches of snow from her driveway with a broom.  Three kind older gentlemen from my neighborhood appeared with shovels to assist with the second half.  Which was not only helpful but also provided me with the opportunity to constantly monitor my new manly friends for signs of heart attack while they shoveled :)

All caught up?

This is my life. Add in a few trips home and a couple of friends visiting and you have all of the highlights for the last 9 months.


I spent this weekend with one of my favorite people.  She organized a simulcast viewing for the IF:Gathering.  It was two days of female authors and speakers with amazing messages, worship, food, laughter, and tears.  As I sort through my thoughts and emotions from this weekend I will share. For now, I'm going to curl up on the couch and work on my stack of books to read with the Olympics in the background. 
God is good y'all.