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28 October 2012


The lovely beach on a non-hurricane day...

Sitting here reading about Hurricane Sandy on the web.  I am a hurricane girl --  The wait.  The storm.  The aftermath.  It oddly seems like home.  People here in Boston are concerned.  I see the Category 1 rating and it seems almost funny.  Maybe it's the North Carolina in me that has me unconcerned.  I will however add my concern over having a 3rd floor apartment  on a large hill that has no buffers from the wind --- with new partially installed windows.

Anyway --- Memories of hurricanes.  I grew up in North Carolina.  When a hurricane comes calling on the state it doesn't matter where you live.  Most of my young childhood was spent on the NC coast --- and then a little inland.  My thoughts on hurricanes:

  • < Category 3 --- not concerning --- you can sleep through 1-2 :) -- unless you live on an island -- then leave... and leave before it's mandatory or you will never get off the island.
  • The slower it moves --- the more troublesome it is
  • Hurricanes grow in strength over water and weaken over land.  Better to hit land sooner rather than later....
  • Run -- Run --- Buy bread and milk for they will soon be gone
  • If you have a well --- you best be collecting water so you can flush the toilet when the power is out
  • Speaking of power out --- when this occurs --- Eat the icecream FIRST!  It's going to melt and be ruined -- we mustn't let that happen
  • Keep the fridge and freezer closed unless absolutely necessary.  If the freezer is full and the door stays closed the food will last for days --- deep freeze or standard freezer.
  • Be prepared to pick up branches and rake leaves... it's a comin'
  • Good luck finding ice afterwards --- when the power is out there is no ice to be found.
  • Play Games!  Some great family memories were made around the lamp playing games
  • Enjoy it --- you will have to make up the school days missed...
  • Lamps --- old fashioned oil lamps are the most fun --- but a battery powered little lantern is always good to have on hand.
  • Make and keep good friends -- when your power is out for days or weeks you will need friends around the city/town that will get their power back before you.  If you get yours first -- be a good friend.
  • Join a team and go help out those affected --- Baptist Men often take groups to the area and will teach you everything you need to know.  I learned a lot of tools and skills by helping with Hurricane restoration.
It's funny the things you remember.  One of my hurricane memories is when I was in high school.  The hurricane came through and the town had no power for days -- a week or more?  We went to friends houses for showers --- and we had a band competition.  It was a challenge to get everyone together --- but it was a fun relief to the hurricane boredom that comes with a lack of school.

I grew up respecting hurricanes.  When they are large and slow there is a lot of damage to be done.  But I also grew up thinking of hurricanes as mini family vacations with ice cream, snack foods, games, and laughter.  I will take a hurricane any day -- you can keep your earthquakes and tornadoes :)

I will be at the hospital tomorrow --  even though we are in a state of emergency --- If you are one of those lucky enough to have a mini hurricane vacation --- Stay safe and Enjoy.  My prayers go out to you and yours.

Closer to the ocean than I would like to be right now....

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