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30 June 2012

I bought a new book --- Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  It was recommended by family and friends but my finances did not allow the purchase until now.  A couple of weeks ago I was ordering a textbook with an Amazon giftcard I received for Christmas.  The amount left over after my textbook purchase was the exact cost of this book.  A sign?  I think so.  Each day has been perfect for what I feel and what's going on that day.

I finished my clinical rotation at Spaulding (LOVED IT!) and am now back to class.  This is the last semester of classes and that fact makes it especially sweet.  Interviews for our one year internships also occur during this time period.  I have completed all but one of my interviews so far.  The last one will be July 6th.

The stress level of my classmates is increasing in a rapid fashion.  It makes for interesting days.  Add to that the tremendous amount of "group" work required this semester --- and Woohoo!