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16 April 2012

Today one of my kiddos urged me to take my hair down from my ponytail.  The request was then to touch it and she declared  "oh... it's soft."  She was quick to tell me I should keep wearing it down and not put it back up.  There were a lot of reasons I could give for having my hair up... 
  1. One of my other kids is combative and pulls hair if she can get it
  2. It was put up when wet so there will be a funny "ponytail lump" if I keep it down
  3. It needs to be cut and it's rather obnoxious.
  4. The odd weather is making the baby hairs curly and frizzy.
  5. etc....
All of these reasons are true ---How many times have you kept your hair up for one or more of these reasons... but allow me to add in a tiny bit of insight into the situation.  My teenage kiddo with the request has no hair peach fuzz for hair.  She has a giant scar covering her scalp.  Every day is a struggle for her and the little tiny things most people take for granted are the most important.  And so as my girly talked to me about what it will be like with her upcoming brain surgery and their need to shave her head..... I very willingly wore my hair down the rest of the day and allowed her to touch to her liking.

I have been willing to try different hairstyles over the years ---- some very short and some very long.  It was all with the knowledge that it is hair and it will grow back.  As I watch multiple people close to me lose their hair to cancer treatments, brain surgeries, etc.... I am reminded how much hair matters... especially as a female.    You may not be overly concerned about your hair --- but there is something about you --- something that is "you" that you don't want to lose...... Imagine the struggle.... Imagine the heartache..... Now appreciate the fact that you not only have it --- but you don't have to give it up.

I have seen lots of brave kids the last 6 weeks. This kiddo is one of the bravest.  She started out hitting me and now we laugh each day.  I've learned a lot ---- and I've been reminded of values that my family has always held dear.  It's a wonderful time to be alive.

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