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16 April 2012

I am almost finished with school... (insert excitations here).  I've made it through the majority of my schooling and have just one semester left of class.  This last semester was a rough one --- We had a full semester of classes but in half of the time.  Add in the 3 days I was out with the NoroVirus and the 1.5-2wks  I was out with Shingles and life became hectic and a bit overwhelming.  However... a surprise ---  This semester resulted in my best grades.  One of my favorite quotes from the semester "Now Christa - I know this semester you got really sick and you ended up with really good grades..... but let's not use this as an educational strategy from now on."  I am in agreement. 

And so to now --- I am currently doing a 10 week full time clinical at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH). It's inpatient acute rehab.   I'm on the pediatric floor and loving it.  My kiddos range from 2mos old up to 21 years.  Some of the diagnoses I've treated include: Central Cord Syndrome (infant), s/p Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (kids with cerebral palsy (CP)), TBI, failure to thrive, hypernaturemia, DeBarsy Syndrome, s/p tendon lengthening and osteotomies, various neurological changes (without a cause), brain tumors, brain injury from gunshot, brain injury due to falls from windows, neuro injury from surgery mistakes, overall delays, and the list goes on and on....  I love my kids.  They make each day for me a day worth working.  I look forward to working with them each day no matter their mood.  

Below is an example of what each day looks like with my kiddos.  Whether it is something funny said or a child who hasn't spoken in 3 months who places my hands in a prayer position --- babbles a little ---- and then says very clearly "AMEN"...  I love each one and it is hard to see them struggle.

One of my kiddos today asked me an interesting question... "Do you have a mommy on earth or in heaven?" I replied "I have a Mama on Earth in a land far far away called North Carolina." to which the child replied "She must be really pretty... because you are nice.. and my daddy says that nice people are some of the prettiest people..... She's pretty isn't she?" My reply..... "Yes she is --- inside and out.... and one of the nicest people you could ever meet.... She has a special place in her heart for little girls. She would love you." My kiddo's reply... "Your mommy sounds really nice Doctor Christa." and a giant hug with a little head on my shoulder.

Did I mention that I LOVE what I do?

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