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01 August 2011

Last Week....

It's my last week of clinic!!!!!!  I can't believe it.  I'm excited to be able to go home for a vacation but heartbroken that clinic is ending.  I wake up at 445 every morning excited to be heading to clinic.  That says a lot since I am and always have been a night owl who struggles to get up each morning.  

I have four days....containing initial evals, re-evals, therapeutic exercises, modalities, and sooooo much more.  Then it's on to the bus at 7:30 Friday night .... to arrive home at 9:30.... to stay up all night and pack, clean, and prep..... to get up at 4am .... to leave at 5am for the airport... to get on my flight at 7am.... to head home.... WooHoo!!!!!!

A chatty car ride with one of the most lovely people I know.... a day with my Daddy.... and then a road trip to see the small cuddly... lovable.... baby smelling... nephew :)