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12 June 2011

2 Down 8 to GOoooooOooooooOooooo....

  It's been an interesting two weeks.  Clinic is FuN, neRVe raCKing, eXCiting, chaLLenging, and teRRFYing... all at the same time.  My CI is really good.  He has a very hands on approach to learning which fits in with my being a tactile learner.  Some days I feel like I'm swimming and some days I feel like I'm doggy paddling to try and stay afloat....

   What do I do?

  • take patients through their exercises
  • look for compensations
  • progress exercises and treatment if I find patients are able
  • re-evaluations
  • soft tissue massage
  • deep friction massage
  • suboccipital releases
  • electrical stimulation (E-stim)
  • ultrasound
  • iontophoresis
  • change pillow cases
  • apply ice packs --- and ice packs--- and more icepacks
  • apply moist heat packs -- and more MHPs--- and more MHPs... get the picture? :)
  • inital evaluations
  • plan of care (POC)
  • write SOAP notes
  • write up Evals
  • write up Evals
  • fax to docs
  • fax to insurance companies
As challenging and terrifying as it is --- it is confirming my love for this field.  That being said -- I need to go finish POCs and progressions for some of my Tuesday patients.... 

Good Night...

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junction said...

Sounds interesting! Keep practicing those massages!!!