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30 May 2011

Tomorrow... Tomorrow....

I begin my full time clinical tomorrow ------ Aggghh!!!  Say a prayer--Please.

I passed my finals for the summer minimester --- and jumped on a plane home that same day.  The youngest of my two boys graduated from High School the next day and so I needed to be home.  I celebrated with him and the family on Thursday.  Friday morning I drove to Boone in the mountains of NC to help my sister with a day of prepping food for the freezer.  She will be giving birth to my nephew in a couple of months and now she has some meals that will take very little time to fix.  Saturday was the Farmer's Market, organizing baby clothes.... and then home to my parents' house to help repair a lawnmower, dig old textbooks out of storage, go grocery shopping, do laundry, prep dinner, and begin to pack.  Sunday (yesterday) I unfortunately had to board a plane to come back to Boston.  Flight left at 4pm -- I walked in my apt door around 11pm and promptly went to bed.

Tomorrow I begin clinical.....
I'll be at Baystate PT in Quincy, MA forty-four hours a week for the next ten weeks.  Hopefully improving on the skills I possess and learning new ones.  A bit terrified going in because last semester my placement was a clinic for patients with chronic back pain.  I practiced NONE of my skills and we were forced to put each patient through the exact same circuit.  Even if there were things we noticed were wrong and fixable.  I'm ready to get in a clinic that has a more hands on and personal approach.  This one is that way and my CI (clinical instructor) also sometimes does pedi (treats children).  WooHoo!!!!

Wish me Luck!
I would love to be on the Maine coast where this picture was taken ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hope it all goes well!