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05 February 2011

An Update on the Here and Now...

It's been a long time since I've posted.  I went on a trip to Martha's Vineyard with a classmate after the summer semester.  I spent a few weeks at home.  I rode from North Carolina --> Boston in a moving truck with my Dad.  I moved into a new apartment with a great landlord and maintenance staff.  

Niki on the beach
I began my Fall semester of classes.  My classes included Functional Anatomy, Fundamentals, Neuroscience I, Critical Inquiry I (research & statistics), Seminar, Practicum, and Pharmacology.  I spent a month sleeping on the floor or a camping cot while I waited on IKEA to get mattresses in on a day that I could actually get there.  My bed was delivered and I put it together myself (stupid mistake that has me in PT as a patient).  I survived the Fall semester and passed my classes.  I didn't do as well as I wanted to do but I survived and this semester is a new semester.  I spent the holidays at home.  I was in Wilmington with family, Myrtle Beach with family, Chapel Hill with Laurie, Burlington with Christy (to celebrate the New Years with lots of dancing), and a couple of days with my parents and then back to Boston.

And so now we reach this semester.  I'm now in my Spring semester.  My classes include: Musculoskeletal: Extremities I, CardioPulmonary, Critical Inquiry II, Neuroscience II, Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology, Health Policy, and Seminar & Practicum.  As you can tell... It's a full semester.  We've now been in classes for a month.  Due to snow days we have yet to meet for our Health Policy class and our days have gotten longer due to added hours for make up days.  In undergrad you look forward to snow days.  In grad school they are a bit terrifying because the amount of information in one day is astounding.  So... onward... and upward...  

Yesterday and today I met many of the students interviewing to begin in the program this summer.  I was asked two questions repeatedly:
  1. "Did you like the cadaver lab?"  YES! YES! Yes!!!!!  I loved it!  (the looks on their faces-- interesting)
  2. "Is this program hard?"  Umm--- YEAH!  (Just a hint-- but if you need to ask me this question repeatedly... you probably shouldn't be here....)
So now with mounds of snow everywhere and more snow in the forecast for Tuesday and Thursday...  I must hit the books once again.  

Enjoy the Pictures!

the first snow

the recent snow storm... my walk to CVS

my walk home from CVS- This used to be a sidewalk

the Naval Yard - where I go to school- This was the 1st snow

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