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30 January 2011

Julia's Team... Please Support!

You know my love of kids & my dream of working w/children fighting cancer.
This is an amazing little girl I know in the fight for her life. She was diagnosed in March 2009 with
nephroblastoma (Wilms' tumor) with focal anaplasia.  She is one of only 40 cases found each year.  She underwent surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.  The treatments were the lesser of two evils but now she is suffering from bowel issues due to the treatments.  It's been a long two years and the time to come will also be a challenging path of courage, faith, strength, and prayer.
I am in graduate school in Boston and so I can't  be in North Carolina to participate in this walk but I would LOVE to raise money for her team. PLEASE donate. All donations are welcome.
Pediatric cancer is NOT well funded. It is barely funded. 40,000 children and their families are fighting cancer. It may be our children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, great grandchildren one day. Let's give them the best shot possible......

I'm giving up my weekly bread from the local bakery and the diet cokes I buy at school.

What can you sacrifice to help beautiful little children like Julia and their families not have to suffer?  Can you give up your coffee for a week/a month/2 months?  Let's show our children how much they mean to us.
To read about an amazing young lady:
To donate to this wonderful cause and support this lovely family's dream:
Click here... PLEASE!!!