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07 August 2010

It is Finished!!!

    I am officially finished with my summer semester at MGH Institute of Health Professions.  I am officially on vacation.  The ironic part is I can't seem to get my brain to stop... my body to relax... my mind to make decisions.  Exhaustion is not an accurate word and I'm actually struggling to write this post :)  So I'll tell you about the last couple of weeks.  We studied the lower extremity and back a couple of weeks ago.  It's always fun to uncover the sciatic nerve.  The size of it is always a surprise... it's like a twizzler. Seriously!  Then this last session was the upper extremity, neck, face, and brain.  Woohoo!  I have stories to tell but I don't want to gross anyone out.  So I'll just say that there were mallets, saws, and chisels. If you want to hear stories...just ask!  I even rubbed off on a couple of my classmates.  In the end they were joining in  the fun. I LOVE the cadaver lab.  It is an absolutely amazing experience/oppurtunity.  If you haven't read it.. you should read my former post about it... Shirley. The brachial plexus was also in this section. That's always interesting.  I hope to one day teach in a cadaver lab.  As my friends say.. I'm a nerd. 
   Afterwards we went out to celebrate.  We had reserved the patio of a resturant near downtown.  However.... God had other plans.  As we were taking our practical the bottom fell out.  It was dark, it was thundering... we all just chuckled.  After checking in our bone boxes (yes... human bones) we threw away our lab clothes (very refreshing... and a bit sad) and began our journey to the party. We made it out into the second hallway.  It was dark... Really dark.. and all we could see on the class ceiling was RAIN!  It was like multiple firetrucks were spraying the roof.  After the lightening really picked up and we realized we were on the top floor (4th) with only a glass ceiling between us and the lightening we decided to head downstairs to comfy chairs and wait it out..  After chatting for a while, stealing.. I mean... borrowing some trash bags from Harvard Medical School... we wrapped our books in trashbags.. We have grown to love our Netter's Atlas'!!!  Some very odd connection :)  Long story short.  The streets were flooded.  The water was up to the door on the bus.  We made it to the restaurant to find that we now had an entire bar area to ourself with several bartenders at our disposal.  It was great fun and our professor and some of our clinical instructors came to celebrate with us.  The pictures are from lastnight.  Lots of laughter, lots of dancing... a great group of people.  It's hard to believe we won't see each other for a month! 
    The next month....  Today I had dinner with a friend I have greatly missed. Tomorrow morning I leave for Martha's Vineyard for four days of relaxation with a classmate and her family.  (Ironically there is a massive amount of great white sharks swimming around MA now... so probably not a lot of swimming)  I return Tuesday and fly home on Wednesday... Woohoo!!!  If you can't tell... I LOVE North Carolina!!!  Not to mention I miss my friends, family, and my cat :)
    So I'll be around... I'll probably post... and I'll work on my tan...
   God Bless!


junction said...

Yea, enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Hope you have a great month off and find a way to relax.