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11 July 2010

Halfway there.....

      I've now been in Boston for over a month and in about a month I will be heading home for a few weeks.  That sounds easy doesn't it?  In reality I still have four major exams, many hours of class, days in the cadaver lab, and a search for an apartment to go in the next month.
     I went for my follow up appointment at the MGH clinic and was informed that it would be another six weeks before I start getting back to normal.  I admit I was hoping for a better timeline but with each day I can feel the exhaustion that's still there.  It's less obvious but still there.  I have taken two exams so far.  One was written and one was a lab practical.  I did okay on the written although I wasn't excited about the grade.  The lab practical was a different matter.  Let me explain how it works.  Our cadaver lab practicals are set up just like medical school lab practicals.  The bodies are all tagged with tape, string, or flags.  The structures tagged are to be identified.  The tape placed on bones sitting around the room are to identify the muscle that attaches there.  We have one minute to complete each station and then we move to the next station.  At some stations the minute is a LONG time and at others you wish it was two minutes instead of one.  I love the cadaver lab.  It's an amazing experience and an incredible opportunity for learning.  As I am a very visual and tactile is GREAT!

    My friend Merrit came up for the 4th of July.  If you ever have the chance to go to Boston for the fourth you should do it.  The entire weekend is full of opportunities including tours, "chowdah"fest, and fireworks with the Boston Symphony...  We went to the riverbank of "the Chuck" early in the morning and camped out for the day.  As the fireworks started we had an amazing view!!!  I took pictures but I haven't had time to look at them yet.  I'll try to post some next week. 

    As for right now I must get back to studying.  Two major exams coming up on Thursday.  Say a prayer...or two... or five :)  After Thursday I can breathe.  Until then... it's a stressful time....

    I'm hoping for a cool streak in the weather as I know my friends and family in NC are too.... When it's in the 90s in Boston... with no air condition... it is not a comfortable situation....  But it is much better than the massive flooding that occurred here yesterday.  Beneath overpasses were measuring at 18ft of water with people trapped on top of their cars. 

    Back to the muscles... off to draw... and learn.... and sing... and be silly... and do myotome dances... (they aren't cute but they help me remember...)