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12 June 2010

An Uneasy Day....

  I can think of no other name for the day. I guess I should back up a few days....

    I woke Sunday morning nervous and excited to be boarding a plane to Boston.  The problem was that I awoke with an unwelcome guest.  A new flower must have begun blooming during the night for my allergies were annoying Sunday morning.  There was nothing to be done but finish packing, hop in the car, and head to the airport.  Accompanied by my mom, Merrit, and her tiny car I began my trip.  By the time I arrived at the airport my allergies were more of a problem....I guess the real problem was finding enough tissue.  I said my "See  you Later" " I love you"s and headed for security.  Apparently I looked suspicious and the box of chalk in my backpack caused a problem.  Everything was emptied out of my backpack and the scan was repeated.... FIVE times!!!  Seriously!  It's a BOX OF CHALK!!!!  Anyway,  I made it through and by the time I reached the gate I was in serious pain with my head and sinuses.  A kind passenger was ease dropping on my phone conversation and volunteered a Zyrtec as I tore my bag apart trying to find the Xyzal I know I packed.  I accepted.

      Fast forward.... By the time I arrived in Boston I was in serious pain.  By the time I arrived at my apartment my fever was 102.1 and I could barely speak my name.  10 minutes later the power went out for the next seven and a half hours.  I took medicine and went to bed.  With tylenol my fever was down the next day and I was at school for orientation with a smile on my face and an ear out of which I could not hear.  As days progressed it seemed that the obnoxious nose running was ending.  Then yesterday I felt incredibly run down and I knew it had moved to my chest.  Yesterday was a full day of lecture and cadaver lab.  When I left lab lastnight it was to late to go to the clinic.  So this morning I boarded the green line, changed to the red line, and walked to "The General" (Mass General Hospital).  After getting my blue MGH registration card I walked into the Walk In Clinic (appropriate, don't you think?) and waited to be seen by a doctor.  My bp was up and my temp was elevated.  I made flashcards about skin layers while I waited.  Finally I was greeted by a physician with kind eyes and a nose and mouth hiding behind a blue mask.  After a juggling of latex glove boxes I was seated comfortably in an exam room with a very concerned doctor.  In the room all I could hear was the sound of my labored breathing.  It was worse than the struggle that had woken me during the night.  After many questions and an exam in which no air could be heard traveling though my lungs (with a stethoscope) I was given a nebulizer treatment.  The only change was that I was more tired and with the fatigue it became even harder to breathe.  The next choice was a chest x-ray.  

    So off to radiology where I would be told to "take a deep breath" and hold it.... Sorry.  I can't.  That's why I am HERE!!! I did the best I could and then waited on the results.  The results showed what was already suspected.  I have pneumonia.  I've never had it before.  Never even been concerned that it was a possibility.  So I was given five prescriptions containing inhalers and pills and a list of over the counter meds to purchase.  Thankfully I have insurance but the total was still my grocery bill for the month.  So my orders from the doctor are to rest, take my meds, drink lots of fluids, and stay away from the school and cadaver lab.  I'm not happy with the ending.  I need to be in the lab.  We have lab check on Tues and I will not be ready.  You think you've read what made it an uneasy day, right?  Nope.

      The doctor quietly and sadly informed me that the hearing issues are due to damage from the pressure of flying with a sinus infection.  When asked if it would return I was told that hopefully most of it would return.  Hopefully.  I'm trying not to dwell on it and praying for a FULL recovery.  My hearing is not great anyway but to have more taken is not a possibility I want to have to deal with.

   And so.... I'm off to make more flashcards since apparently the meds are keeping me wide awake.... 

  Good Night Morning!

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