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03 June 2010

Tired of the Car....

....and ready for PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!!!

      This past weekend Daddy and I drove up to Boston and back with a carLOAD of clothes, textbooks, toiletries, etc.... After many hours in construction we sought out a hotel and crashed for the night entering Boston the next morning refreshed (okay... not really...). It was a day of unloading the car, running errands, walking many MANY miles (my left hip was testifying to it), and crashing on the floor.  I'm subleasing a friend's apartment for the summer so I took no furniture... it's funny.  An empty living room except for a set of bookshelves already full of books. A classmate from last year offered her bedroom furniture for the summer.  It allows her to have storage for her furniture and allows me to not sleep on an airmattress and live out of a suitcase for the summer.  A win win!

      The highlight of the trip for Daddy was going to the Harvard Bookstore... "The Coop" (like "Coop"er).  It was a good thing because one of the men working there was more than willing to give us a better route to drive home.  His Grandfather graduated from Chapel Hill many many years ago.  The route home was much more peaceful and beautiful than the ride up.  I would love to vacation in the Northern part of NY state one day.... BEAUTIFUL!

       So now I'm back in the big NC.  Yesterday was fun.  I had to go to Greensboro to run some errands.  I was able to go to my favorite scrub shop for cheap scrubs for the cadaver lab.  I'm not willing to purchase my favorite (Iguana) scrubs to throw them away at the end of the summer.  Cheaper is certainly better ;)  Chalk for the study rooms in Harvard Med School.... a camelback water bottle.  Then it was off to lunch with Cheryl... YUM!! and perusing of fabric with my crafty little friend.  More errands.  Then dinner with some of my favorite people!  Delicious dinner, lots of (make your abs hurt) laughter, and big hugs.... Can't think of anything better.... The cherry on the sundae was arriving back home before my parents (they were at the James Taylor/ Carole King concert).  An empty house and a piano stacked high with my music....  Paradise!!
       I'm now off to pack yarn for shipping, sorting of stuff for the August move, and laundry.  Our family will be celebrating the wedding of my  baby cousin Shelby this weekend.... and then I'll be flying home to Boston on Sunday.  Classes begin Monday.... My heart races at the the thought...but I know how hard it was to leave Boston this past Sunday.  It fits... I fit... There's no place like it.  If you haven't been you should go.  

   Seeing as how my Joy of Cooking cookbook is currently in Boston and I'm in NC... That project will begin soon...

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polly's path said...

you say it best when you say "flying home to Boston". That is your place where you fit and where you are meant to be.