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20 April 2010


My Dayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

....are interesting and full.  It's an odd sort of reality.  I'm busy but some days my brain feels like mush.  Is it an actual inability to comprehend things or is it that my brain doesn't know what to do without school and work.  For so long I've been in school and working... juggling projects, tests, and the daily grind.  Now I'm juggling a million items that don't include studying and it's as if my brain has ceased to function. I've filled out my loan applications and it looks like I'm heading to Boston in the summer and back to school.  I guess I need to work on waking up my mind.

      On a totally different note... One of the things I've been juggling is a new "business" online.  It's called Petal Therapy (PT for short).  I crochet flowers and make them into pins, hair clips, pillows, etc.  It's a slow moving process....getting the store running.  There's a link on the right side of my blog for the store.  Check it out!  The hope is that I can sell enough flower products to pay for the everyday mess of bills (food, transportation, medical, misc....) so that my loans will be purely for rent and tuition/fees.  This is the hope... we'll see how it goes.  

      It's an odd sort of reality.  In some ways it seems like I've been here forever and sometimes it seems like I've just moved home.  It's been SEVEN months!!!!!!  Seriously!!!! I have a great family.  One that takes you in when you need it, makes you laugh when you need it, and support you when you cry.  I am truly blessed. But the plan is to move at the end of May with classes beginning the first week of June.

      I'm now rambling and I'm meeting a long lost friend and her two girls for lunch tomorrow.  And with that.... I'm heading to bed!  Goodnight Y'all!!!