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12 March 2010

I'm Still...


Things are a bit crazy right now.  It's all of the normal every day routine "stuff" with the addition of an acceptance into an art/craft show in Greensboro next weekend.  I've been making flowers like crazy!  After many requests I am also in the process of starting an Etsy store.  It's an interesting process but will be GREAT in the long run!

I'm also trying my best to get back to school in June.... If you have any ideas feel free to share!

Alright... I have to run and create a DIY table top macro studio to photograph my flowers.... I'll update again soon... I pRoMiSe!!!

Petal Therapy (Etsy Store)

1 comment:

polly's path said...

the flowers are lovely!
Sorry it took me so long to realize you posted!