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23 January 2010

A Lovely Lady....

As many of you know I was not excited about my LOA (Leave of Absence) from school.  Not in the slightest.  However, there is always a reason for the way things happen.  This is my Grandmother and she has the beginnings of Alzheimer's.  It's progressing at a much more rapid pace than any of us want it to.  When I'm in grad school I only see her at Christmas and possibly once during the summer.  It's not enough time.  I was blessed to be able to stay with her for a week after New Years and we had a ball!  We read (me books, her newspaper), we ate, we baked, we went to the beach, we went to the Aquarium, and we spent time together....

I took some pictures of her while I was there.  I don't want posed shots.  I want shots that are true to her and the way I know her.  Every morning from a very young age I remember her getting up, fixing a mug of coffee (her first of many), getting the newspaper, and sitting down to read.  In the summer she sits on her screened in back porch so she can watch all of the birds at her many bird feeders or sitting in the livingroom (as pictured above) looking out at the birds in the front yard (and feeders).  When I asked if I could take pictures of her she said, "Really?".... "um... ok... SURE!"  I took a ton in hopes that some of them would have her personality shining through.  I captured some that I love and I'm hoping for some more this weekend.

She's a special lady and I don't look forward to the day when she knows not who I am.   For now... we laugh, we eat, and I repeat things over and over again with a new spin on the answer each time...

G: "Did you bring the food in?"
Me: "Yes.  I put them in the refrigerator."
G: "Christa, did you bring in the food"
M: "Yes Ma'am I put them in the box beside the freezer."
G: "Oh the fridge."
G: "Did you bring in the food?"
M: "Yes Ma'am I put it in the cold thing  with shelves that helps to keep food fresh"
G: "Ahh... the refrigerator.... Good girl...."

And so it goes.... we've made a game out of it... and if it makes her keep using different parts of her brain... I say..... Bring it on!

14 January 2010

Long Time...

....No See...

  I'll be posting this weekend.  I was in Wilmington and then Myrtle Beach for Christmas.  Then last week I was in Wilmington caring for my Grandmother who has dementia.  I'll be getting back on schedule in the week to come... a rebirth with the new year...