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21 December 2009

a Surprise Blessing

  Travis Cottrell, Cindy Morgan, and Shaun Groves came to Westover Church Thursday night for a Gloria concert.  The proceeds of the concert went to the Compassion International foundation and they talked about the children you can sponsor.  For $38.00/mo you can provide food, education, housing, medical care, and much much more for a child.  Please consider sponsoring a child; it is truly one of the most selfless things you can do.  I wish I could remember how many thousands of children die from malnutrition each day! (I will find out and post it.... it was a breathtaking number that brought tears to my eyes.) For more information and/or to sponsor a child please visit Compassion International .  I have multiple sponsored nieces and nephews supported by my sister and brother-in-law.  You receive a picture of the child and can exchange letters with him/her.  Please pray about it.

    When I discovered they were coming to my old church I hoped to go.  Circumstances were as such, that it was not really possible.  On the day of the concert I received a phone call offering tickets for my mom, my dad, and me.  The possibility was exciting but I had no idea what the evening would hold.  We grabbed a quick dinner and headed to the church.  After seeing friends and finding our seats we began our adventure as a member of the audience/congregation.  The first half was classic Christmas hymns and carols including video footage of the Peanuts and old school Frosty the Snowman.  The second half was a worship experience. 

     Shaun talked about no matter how you arrived at the concert it was because God wanted you there.  It wasn't because your husband dragged you, a friend bought you tickets, or you felt guilty.  You were there because God wanted you to be there.... needed you to be there.... you needed to be there.  "Follow That Star" was one of the songs sung by Cindy Morgan.  With the first verse she had me with the tone of her voice, the musicality, and the melody.  With the second verse it took my breath away.  If I had the skill to write a song (writing is not a gift I possess) about the way I feel.... this is it.  It was as if the song had been written especially for me and her amazingly melodious voice was meant to sing it. 

     I have never been one to say that life as a Christian is easy.  In some ways, I think it becomes more challenging.  As one of my friends (an unsure believer) said... "When things go wrong, not only do you have to wonder if it's a sign from God that you are heading in the wrong direction.... you also have to figure out if the devil is unhappy with what you are or are about to do and is trying to stop you...."  Well put.  I think it's a great statement that just begins to touch on the struggle of believers.  I believe.  I know I am still alive today because of my Heavenly Father (there have been some close calls).  I know that he made me and has a purpose for me.  That being said, it does not mean that I don't question my hearing, wonder about his judgment, or think that he is overestimating my ability to carry a lot and still stand tall short.  Now is one of those times.  I'm working my way back...but right now God and I are often in a tug of war.  I think He's okay with that.  I am a firm believer that God likes questions.  He wants us to think things through... He did give us freewill after all.  He sees the whole picture and I see little tiny pieces.  I trust him.  It's just harder sometimes than others to trust without questioning.

     Do you question?  Have you ever been in a place (in your life) that you know is exactly where you are supposed to be.... just to have it taken away?  Did you feel lonely/betrayed/disappointed?  Who do you turn to when life gets hard?

      Below are the lyrics to the song "Follow that Star."  I tried to set it up to play but it was unavailable.  I highly recommend that you listen to it. It's a soulful melody with an amazing message.  If this song touches your soul I pray that a comfort and peace beyond understanding is so present that you know He is right there with you.  He loves you and I more than either of us could possibly imagine.  When times are tough... that is enough....

Follow That Star (Cindy Morgan)

Tonight, feels like there’s something in the air
Tonight, it’s like the sky is filled with prayers.
Maybe I’ll follow; follow that star.

Oh I, I felt this emptiness inside
Maybe this will be the night…
that I’m sure…just what my life is for.
Wake up each morning with hope in my heart
Out of a dark

Oh, God,
 I hear your name out on the street,
but what do you mean to me
You’re so grand, living there up in the sky,
could you care about my life?
Maybe I need, maybe I need a sign
Maybe a star I could follow
Lead me wherever and I’ll go
Cause it feels like your voice is speaking to me
Like there’s something you want me to see

So I’ll follow, follow that star
Follow that star
Follow that star

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