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16 December 2009

My Boy...

    I haven't posted much lately because things are a struggle and when I started this blog I never wanted it to be a depressing blog.  So with that said... I will shove aside the suffocating and overwhelming feelings of need/anxiety/ and panic... to tell you about my week.  I was blessed this week with one of the best welcomes I have had in a long time.  

   Before I went to grad school... for many years... I was a nanny for two boys in a very special family.  A lot happened in those years (good and bad) and we've struggled through together.  They have been a great support to me and hopefully I was a support for them.  Well, the "boys" are no longer boys... but young men.  the younger is in high school and the older just finished his first semester in college.  (Man I feel OLD!!!)

    When E found out I was in town I was invited to a play.  They younger of the two boys, "Bubba", had a part  (in a Shakespeare play!)... and I wanted to be there.  B, however, was unaware that I was coming.  We made it through the first half of the play and then during the intermission  Christy and I were chatting about whether B was at the age when speaking to us is "uncool."  About that time he turned and glanced in my direction, I made a "classically Christa" face, his face glowed, and ... in a swirl of hair, a huge smile, and a rush... I was wrapped up in a hug that I have missed dearly!  I can't even begin to express how my heart felt at that moment.  Unconditional love and honestly excited to see me!  How often do we receive people's greetings while wondering about ulterior motives or inner thoughts?  How awesome to be loved for exactly who you are... no ifs, no ands, no buts...
       This is the kid who:
  • got me hooked on Jackie Chan movies
  • laughed at my directional deficiencies in video games
  • humors my inability to play basketball (seriously!!!... I'm under 5ft... come on!)
  • lets me play his beautiful guitar
  • shares his Velveeta shells and cheese, cucumbers with ranch dressing, and chicken..
  • likes to cook with me...
  • lets me call him nicknames like Bubbaloo...
  • still loved me after I painted happy birthday on my car windows for the carpool line at school
  • laughs at my ridiculously stupid jokes
  • shares my love for the Big Bang Theory (the show)
  • has an amazing smile
  • has a contagious laugh
  • gives the BEST hugs!!!!
  • I love bunches and bunches....

       C was kind enough to take some pictures of me and B.... to think... he used to be shorter than me... and I used to take him to get his head almost shaved!  Enjoy! goofy buddy who calls me a "DERD"... I answer to the name proudly :)
(derd= dorky nerd)


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Glad you got to see B while you were in town.


junction said...

Wow, can't believe that is the same "boy". Has it really been that long? Glad you could make the play for you and B. Great pictures.

CHRISTA said...

TSC- It is still taking me a minute to register the face with those initials :) Congratulations! I'm excited to get to see you soon!!!

Jct- He's grown up just a little bit. It of course doesn't mean that I have in anyway gotten old. He's certainly changed from the little boy I met who could barely reach the top of the metal fence at childcare :)

As always... THanks for your comments!