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19 December 2009

A Need for a Change...

It’s 3am and I am wide awake.  This has become the norm… but like other norms I will be happy to break this one.  I’ve never been so fond of “the norm.”  In high school I repainted my desk to read “DoN’t bE nOrMaL bE HaPPy!” and I still find the statement appropriate. 

Why do we lump people into groups?  Why do we decide that because one group is doing something a certain way, others should also?  Why are all couples expected to have children? Why must pregnant mothers be given blue or pink clothes based on the sex of the unborn baby?  How can we decide, before the baby is born, whether it will like pink or blue?  I always make a point of gifting yellows, greens, etc… Why must a young boy play with trucks while girls should play with dolls?  What’s wrong with a young boy styling the hair on his big Barbie head?  Why should girls like to wear skirts and dresses?  (I do, by the way, but it is a recent development…) Why are handmade gifts so much more fun than bought presents? What can I make for gifts out of things I already have?  Would that old tablecloth work for a reusable grocery bag?  Can I also make an apron from that material?  Is there enough?

These are the kinds of questions that go through my head at 3am.  This is why I don’t sleep.  The “what ifs”,” if only(s)”, and “could its” rear their ugly heads.  I then lay here staring at the ceiling or the back of my eyelids until I pull out yarn and a hook, a book, or my blackberry.  Am I the only one who does this?  Am I the only one who is unable to discontinue my brain long enough to sleep?  You would think I would be super smart with all of this extra work for my brain.  When in actuality it makes my brain feel like slush…. Like the ice/sleet/snow on the ground that has been trampled repeatedly. 

So this is my thought process…. I will put my thoughts to paper/laptop in hopes that my brain will slowly shut down without doing major harm to the knowledge hidden in the deep dark crevices. 
I can guarantee no topics…for my brain is like a sponge and contains some incredibly odd information.  I love science.  I love logic.  I love questioning things and digging deeper.  This is a quest to renew my blogging.  It’s a quest for freedom and quest for peace.  Feel free to comment for comments are always appreciated and it’s nice to know I am not the only one who reads my musings.

Possible Topics:
                -current books read
                -recipes tried
                -societal norms
                -the food controversy (organic, local, hormone free….)
                -Biblical highlights from current Bible studies
                -Quotes of interest
                -General fun and nonsense
                -Lots of pictures!!!

                -Any suggestions?  Feel free to contribute


junction said...

You have always asked many questions!!

CHRISTA said...

Not sure if that's a good thing or not? Atleast I'm pass the habit of saying hello to everyone UNTIL they say hello in return :)

Jennifer H said...

Eric always asks me "What are you thinking about now? What's going through that brain of yours?" It seems as though my brain stops working, even when I'm trying to focus on something else or try to sleep. So, you are not alone.