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19 October 2009

Babbling and Nonsense

Have you ever noticed something on yourself in a different way than before?  I know, it sounds ridiculous but today I noticed my feet.  Yes, I have noticed my feet before.  But today as I looked down at my feet I thought "I like my feet.... I have cute feet."  For those who have seen them lately you will contradict me I'm sure.  Sure I need a pedicure and some tender loving care.  In the last month or two or four.... they have been neglected.  Other things in my life have taken priority and I have taken my feet for granted.  Well today I thought about it... really thought about it.  Can you tell I have too much time on my hands?

Here are my observations:
  • My feet are not typical in appearance.
  • My feet would be the correct size for a twelve ten year old.
  • My big toe has calluses from my need to walk barefooted....
    • while we're at it.... so does the ball of my foot, especially just below my little toe.
  • My little toe looks like a little hill, I don't know how to describe it. (But it looks nearly identical to my mom's little toe and my sister's little toe.... I love that!) It has the tiniest little nail on it and has a callus from my inability to find shoes that fit. 
  • On my left foot my toe next to my little toe is longer than the other ones (not including my big toe)
  • I can see and identify the tendons on the top of my foot and enjoy palpating the veins on the top of my foot (I know, I'm a dork).
  • The kicker.... On each of my feet, on the outer part, beside the pinkie toe is a scar.  The scars are from the removal of extra toes.... 
    • I know... you're thinking.... WHAT? 
    • Yup!  I was born with twelve toes (and twelve fingers).  My paternal grandfather was born with the same and since it skips a generation maybe one of my grandchildren will have them.

By now you're wondering why I'm telling you all of this...

It's so easy for us to look at ourselves and find flaws.  I do it everyday.  If only I was about twenty pounds lighter.  I wish my hair was curly.  If only I were taller (then I would appear smaller).  I need a haircut... I look like a wierd boy.

It's easy.  I bet you could name ten things you would like to change about yourself.  Can you name five things you love about yourself?  It wasn't as easy to name the things you love, was it?

I love:
  • My Eyes
    • the color and texture
      • same as my dad and most of my dad's side of the family
  • My Eyelashes
    • long, dark, and go from corner to corner (literally)
  • My Little Toes
    • the same as my mom and sister
  • My Extra Digits (scars)
    • a trait not everyone has...and maybe an odd but fun one I can pass on...
  • My Freckles
    • I wasn't so fond of them when I was younger but now it's not something I would ever change.
I hope one day that I can honestly say that I love everything about myself.  That does NOT mean that it will be perfect!  It just means that I will accept it as a part of me....a gift from my Maker....

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junction said...

We can't be satisfied, can we? We need to remember that we were made by The Creator!