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04 August 2009

Today's Ride...

(posted Friday 7 Aug 2009)

No change here... things remain to same. In the middle of a week of finals. I feel good about the one I took today and okay about the one tomorrow. The key is I am studying really hard for the Gross Anatomy exams on Thursday. I'm trying to remain positive and doing all that I can possibly do.... So with that said... I'll share my conversation with a really energetic, life loving, positive, encouraging, tiny old man I met on the train today.... then it's back to the muscles I will know before I go to bed tonight :)

I was on the orange line heading home from school. I scored a bench seat in the T station, which is unusual for me, and so I was making flashcards as I waited on the train. A really cute old man came and sat on the opposite end of the bench and I was aware that I was being observed.

As the train pulled up I was inwardly hoping the man would go left when I went right. No luck. I found a seat and the man chose a seat one down from me (a seat in between us). I proceeded to use the seat in between as storage and continued my work.... not for long....
The conversation is as follows:
  • man: Hmmmm....
  • christa: [silence]
  • man: Hmmmmmmmmm..... mmmm....
  • christa: Hmm? (a little annoyed)
  • man: flexor forearm muscles..... interesting...
  • christa: (now very interested) Yes sir..
  • man: Must be a grad student.
  • christa: Yes sir?
  • man: A hard topic and an undergraduate wouldn't be writing notecards on the train.
  • christa: Oh.
  • man: Besides........ you look absolutely exhausted.
  • christa: (tired smile) Thanks.
  • man: A medical field of some sort..(I began to tell him).. No... don't tell me. It's pediatrics.
  • christa: My height? (a little annoyed again)
  • man: No. Why would you assume that? I watched you light up when you watched the kids in the station and their smiles were instantaneous. If you aren't doing peds you need to change your path.
  • christa: Oh I'm certainly peds. I can't imagine doing anything else.
  • man: I can't decide.... [me: Hmm?].... it's either a pediatrician or physiatrist or a physical therapist.
  • christa: [you could have picked my chin up off the floor. He named what I always said I would do and then named what I'm doing now.] Ummm... I was going to be a pediatric physiatrist.... now I'm in school for physical therapy.
  • man: [HUGE smile!] I knew it...
  • (after more words I found out that he, for many years, was a pediatric doc who specialized in medically complex children with neuro and ortho issues. Guess what I want to do!!!)
  • man: How's gross treating you?
  • christa: mmmmmm... not doing so well.
  • man: the topic or the memorization?
  • christa: the memorization. We're doing a semester gross class in eight weeks.
  • man: Well isn't that just rediculous! You are working with human cadavers, right? Where are you in school?
  • christa: MGH Institute (charlestown)...
  • man: DPT, right? So you're gross class is at Harvard Med?
  • christa: Yes sir.
  • man: Great program. Stick with it. Chin up... keep trucking and imagine the faces of all of the beautiful children you will help. It's one step in a long path to a dream God placed in your heart for a reason... Chin up... and because you can probably use it... listen to me. Look at me... Are you listening? "You can do this." I don't think you heard me Christa "You can do this" [keep in mind he was getting louder and louder each time he said it.]
  • (As we approached my stop....)
  • man: Christa? You CAN do this. Go study.... take a nap... study some more and remember there are people cheering you on.
  • christa: Thank you. (I was getting ready to step off the train)
  • man: Christa? (I turned to look at him) I'll be praying for you... from here on out... God Bless.
  • [ a huge smile of relief from me and I was out the door and on my way home]
Just a reminder that God always knows what you need. I am far from family and friends but a little man I had never met took a moment to share with me and through him I was blessed. My only regret of this train ride is... I didn't get his name. (or picture :) )

I hope God is blessing you this week in little unexpected ways. Smile at people as you walk down the street, pass them in the hall. Look them in the eyes, for some people it may be the only smile or gift of warmth they get all day.

A lot has happened since I wrote this post. I'm working on a new one with an explanation. It will be posted later today... for now... it is 5:19 am and I am heading to bed :)


Nessuno dorme qui said...

i am curious :P

Janelle Meyer said...

What an incredible train story! So encouraging and exciting to see how God works and blesses you in unexpected ways! Glad you're getting some rest at home, Christa! I leave for California tomorrow morning, but let me know if there is anything I can do for you! And, yes, you CAN do this and overcome gross! YOU CAN DO IT!!! You definitely have a cheering section! :)

junction said...

Wonderful! Only God knows what we need when we need it!!

runrgrl2007 said...

OK now I am crying! What a wonderful conversation to have on a train of all places. God places the right people in the right place at exactly the right time! But you didn't need me to tell you that did you! Christa, keep your chin up you have LOTS of people cheering for you!

CHRISTA said...

In hindsight I'm guessing God used the train ride conversation as preparation for the last couple of days. Things just got harder... and I'm glad I had already written this post. Now I can go back and read it when I need a reminder...

It's amazing how He works...There when you need Him