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10 August 2009

Sweet Love

This picture is an older couple on the train the night I was so sick. The lady kept asking me if I was okay and the man kept telling me "it's gonna be okay..." They sat on the train holding hands the entire time and laughed and joked together. It was a great example of the type of marriage I dream of having one day.... It's the way I picture my parents being years from now. Okay, many years from now. This couple was celebrating their 55 year of marriage ;) How awesome is that in a world in which so many couples are divorced. What an amazing gift to give our children.

On another topic. I'm not kicked out of graduate school :) I will be studying, cleaning, studying, packing, and studying over the next couple of days. The plan is to take the two finals I missed this past Thursday this coming Thursday morning and afternoon. I will then be flying home that night :) I'm so excited to get a break. I will , however, have to take an exam when I return. No worries.... I have great friends and family who have already invested in airfare for the fall. They'll help me study :)

On that note... I'm heading to bed. I'm tired of beating my head against the wall...

I spent time this morning having a conversation with my Father about how much I want to be here for school in the fall. What I was willing to do, why it was important, and the ways that I thought it would all work out... the options I had in mind. (I know.. you're thinking... well that was stupid ;) ) I then turned my quote calendar over for the day and this was the quote:

"This day I will try to instruct God less
and listen to Him more."

Point made :) G'Night

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junction said...

Great picture. Your parents have many,many more years to go before they are old. I am not concerned about the tests. It will work out but isn't it always the way we work? I mean by telling God what is best and how He can work it out. That is assuming that we know. And we all know that we don't have a clue. He is the one with the big picture. We all need to listen more.