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07 August 2009

An Interesting Couple of Days...

I'm not really sure where to start. I just figured it would be easier to update here with details then to tell the same story a million times to people who care....

Let's begin with where I had planned to be right now and what I had planned to be doing. I should be cleaning, relaxing, baking, and enjoying myself at my apartment and wandering around my neighborhood. I should be finished with all of my semester classes except for my retake that's necessary. At around three today I should begin studying for the retake which is supposed to be on Thursday. Thursday afternoon I should be taking the retake (my last test) and then flying home on Thursday night for two weeks. That's what's supposed to be happening... Now.... let me tell you where I am.

Wednesday morning I was studying in the morning, running late to meet a friend at school, and in a hurry. In the process I got smacked in the head with a door (long story). I didn't think it was that big a deal. So I continued with my day. I went to school, met with my friend, took my Professional Socialization skill check, aced it, grabbed lunch, and began to study. As the day progressed I felt worse and worse. Pretty soon the nausea became vomiting and the minor headache from that morning progressed to migraine sort of headache and then became much much worse. I left the school (studying on the 4th floor) at around 9pm and headed home. The closer I got to home the sicker I was becoming. After a not so pleasant stop at the trashcan outside of the T station I called my mom... (part of my reason, I'm pathetic, was that if I passed out on the street she would know where to send an ambulance) As I got to my house I was unsure about making it up the stairs... felt like I was going to pass out. I told Mama I would call her when I got upstairs. At this point my head felt like it was going to explode (much different feeling than my typical migraines). I made it up the first flight and half of stairs (I live in a third floor walk up) and then woke up at the bottom of the half flight up against the wall. Apparently I passed out at the top and fell down to the bottom and landed against the wall. I laid there for a while, then thought "Ok.. I can do this... I can do this... I CAN do this...." So, I started going up the next full flight. I made it up about halfway and then awoke at the bottom of that flight. I sat there for a while and then crawled up the that flight and the next flight on my hands and knees. (I'm sure that was a cute site) I finally made it up to my apartment and called my mom. I proceed to tell her "something is wrong." With the help of my mom signed into my facebook account and a friend from school we discovered that there were no urgent care facilities near my house that were still open (1am) and that the best place to go was Boston Medical Center. An hour wait and a cab ride later.... I was at the hospital. After a vital check and questions asked I was rushed back to the acute care side of the ER. Shortly after was a gown, an IV, two residents, and a CT scan. The CT scan came back showing no bleeds but they still wouldn't let me go home.

During the process I saw many residents (trauma, surgical, neuro, emergency...) doctors, and a very nervous med student. Word got around that I had two gross anatomy finals the next day that I needed to be studying. At the very least I needed to be out in time to take them. After a few... "Hmmmmm"s and "...maybe's...." I had a resident (good looking...about my age... that made it worse) get in my face and this was what he said....

"Look Christa, get over it.... you're NOT going to make it to the exams... You're NOT going to be able to take them and do well... You are obviously CONCUSSED... there is something else going on... and your pupils are the size of a large pencil eraser... I will personally write you a note... Your professors will understand... well hopefully understand... (that was really reassuring!).... now lay back... close your eyes... and I will get pain meds to you REALLY soon." He was the only person I saw on a regular basis through my ER stay. He was the one kind enough to turn the light off over my head (every time someone else turned it on) and closed the curtain. After a while he was the one who taped a sign on my curtain with huge letters.... "CONCUSSION, MIGRAINE... NO LIGHTS... LESS NOISE!!!!!" Okay.. wow! At least he got me pain meds for the headache that wouldn't go away.

The CT results came back... no bleed. The bp started to go down... I was tired of being there. By the way... the doc (resident) apologized for getting frustrated with me and sat and chatted for a while before he left after his shift ended.

I then found out that I was being admitted. Woohoo! What that meant was I was transferred upstairs, asked a million questions, taught how to use a remote control, and ignored. I find it funny that they were keeping me for observation but no one really observed me ;)

I talked to my professor and let her know I wouldn't be there for the finals. That was something I was really worried about but it went well. Then in came another resident... woohoo!... He informed me I wouldn't be going home until Friday to which my response was "Seriously?" However I think my sad eyes did me good. After four hours he came back to let me know he had pulled strings and I was going home. YIPPEEEE! I, of course, looked at the clock to see if I could make it to my gross anatomy practical exam. No such luck.

My paperwork was completed, I walked the halls (to prove I wouldn't pass out), my IV was removed, I bled all over the floor (the needle they used was HUGE!), signed my forms, and called a cab... I was FREE!!!!!

I got home, called Mama, sent some texts, turned off my phone ringer, turned off alarms, and went to bed. Asleep within minutes and woke up nine hours later...

All of my classmates went out and partied lastnight. They are finished for the semester. Most of them are boarding flights today and tomorrow to head home. I meet with my prof on Monday to see where we go from here... Life is never boring but it's not always fun :) The best plans are made to be ruined?

I'm home. I'm fine. This afternoon will consist of cleaning and studying. My brain feels like it got juggled and I feel like I'm starting from scratch. Supposedly that will change in the next couple of days. Life goes on... The sky is a beautiful blue with puffy white clouds, the flowers are blooming, like very other day there is nothing on TV... Like I said... Life goes on :)

I hope this day finds you doing something you enjoy or looking forward to a weekend full of fun :)


Cathy said...

Christa-I am soooo sorry about what happened! You poor thing-first the appendix before school, now this! The good news is that you're ok and everyone was thinking about you and worrying about you. I'm sure Marianne will be understanding-she has to, that's all there is to it! You've come so far and worked so hard-you'll make it through this! Thinking of you :)

junction said...

Glad you are feeeling better and I'm so glad that I am "computer savy" and that your friend was so helpful. Eventually you will get rid of the migraine. It will all work out and we will see you next week.