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19 June 2009

This Week...

...has been interesting... and LONG!

Monday was anatomy three hours of anatomy lecture and then more orientation seminars. (Can you feel my enthusiasm?) Tuesday was Professional Socialization ("P. Soc") lecture and then anatomy lab. I was able to use the rib cutters on our cadaver! Wednesday was a day of P.Soc. Lecture in the morning, a lunch break, and then P.Soc lab. It was really good to start getting our hands "dirty" with some actual PT skills. We worked on shifting patients in bed, rolling patients, from lying to sitting, etc... Thursday was GREAT! After lecture was more time in the dissection lab at Harvard... or "Hah - Vodd." I was able to remove the heart and lung from our lady. I can't begin to describe how honored I feel that this lady donated her body so that we can learn. What an amazing gift!

There is a lot to do in Boston but my schedule doesn't currently leave any extra time for exploration. This morning I spent some hours in the cadaver lab and then learned a valuable lesson. Between my back and my continued recuperation from surgery.... it is NOT a good idea to go grocery shopping with a loaded backpack and then carry the groceries home.... and up three flights of stairs. :) However, I am cooking to have dinners and also to have leftovers for lunches throughout the week.

My plan is to update my blog on a regular basis..... (We'll see)... and I'm going to add a list of items that are not found in the North ;)

What I've Learned This Weekend
  1. Friends are not instantaneous.
  2. Books don't study themselves.
  3. After almost 200 flashcards what's a few hundred more? :)
  4. Grocery shopping takes more time when items normally bought cannot be found.
  5. Some people make the amazing sacrifice to help medical people learn... their body.
  6. My favorite frozen yogurt flavor next door is Strawberry Peach.
  7. When it rains... I have a leak..
  8. It's hard to eat canned green beans when you can't find the can opener.
  9. My cat, Lucy, is terrified of the Swiffer Sweeper Vac..
  10. Foodie's market (in my neighborhood) sells balls of pizza dough for $1.37 and it's Delicious!
  11. Dead trains on the tracks can cause delays for the greenline of the T.
  12. I'm still not fully recovered from my surgery.
  13. Holding a human heart and lung in your hand is amazing.
  14. There are no scrub shops in Boston...
  15. The sound that breaking ribs make is not a pleasant one... but one that I enjoyed.
  16. Fresh fruit is my absolute favorite food.... (especially Watermelon!!!)
  17. Being away from friends and family is hard...
Enjoy the list...

1 comment:

Goob said...

I love #7 on your list. :)
Continue having fun and making all sorts of amazing explorations/discoveries at "Hah-vod" (did I spell that right?)...
It's still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that you're up there! I'm so excited for and proud of you!!! The south misses you, but Boston is where you should and need to be. Keep giving us great stories to read!