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22 June 2009

My Problematical Musings....

Life moves on and keeps moving forward. The weekend was full if not overly productive. I did a load of laundry (trying to get used to the idea of paying to do laundry again...). Prepped food for the freezer and you guessed it...... studied!

Lastnight I was lucky enough to be sitting in a seat at the Wang Theater watching The Color Purple!!! It was awesome! You should look at pictures of the theater online but keep in mind that the pictures don't come close to doing it justice. If The Color Purple is coming to a theater anywhere near you..... GOOOOOOO!!!!!

On the train home lastnight I was unfortunate enough to be standing near a group of young females. Upon further inspection and listening... it was discovered that.... they are medical students graduating in the next week to begin their residencies. That was a hard one to hear. Each of them is younger than I am and one of them is taking the pediatric track. God puts us where we are for a reason and I realize that. However, He could have placed me in a different car lastnight and I would have been fine. Where would I be now if I had followed my original track? Where would I have gone to medical school? Who would I have met in med school?

The path of my life has presented both heartache and blessings. Without the schedule and job I've had the last couple of years I couldn't have helped out at home or spent time with Grandmama before she died. I wouldn't have phlebotomy training, friends in Greensboro, a permanently injured back, or the car I (my dad) has. When I was in the wreck three years ago I gave a lot of thought to my choices and my path. Life had thrown some curveballs and without them I would not have been going around that curve on that particular afternoon. But life isn't predictable and if it was... would it really be any better or any more fun? Life is like my moving boxes....with each slice of the packing tape new surprises are in store. I'm a planner. I like to plan. It's why weddings are fun (stressful but fun...) to do. The best laid plans are often the first to go. Why is that? With no surprises and no struggles, would I really need Him? Would I really care? Without the last ten years....would I be who I am? No!

A small painting on my wall says "If You're Handed It. You Can Handle It." It's on my wall for a reason. The next time you have a heavier load than you think you can bear.....just remember. It's not about what I can do or you can do. It's about what we can do with each other and His guidance.

A story of purposeful paths:
If I had continued down the medical school road I wouldn't have gotten to know Christy so well. If I hadn't gotten to know Christy I wouldn't have lived beside her. If I had not lived beside Christy I wouldn't have fallen in love with her "psycho" cat Max and a stray cat on the front porch. Without Christy I wouldn't have picked my next two apartments. Without the second apartment I wouldn't have gained drug dealers for neighbors. (There is a point to the story... and no it was NOT Christy's fault!) But without the drug dealers I wouldn't have met a scrawny bundle of bones covered in fur. If I hadn't lived on the first floor I wouldn't have had a fur ball running in and climbing under my covers when it rained. The drug dealers were kicked out. They took their puppy and days later the tiny ball of bones covered in fur, mud, gunk, and fleas was found with no home.

She's a special cat. She cleaned up well and I had my first experience with how fast fleas can multiply. But she's special in another way. The vet's guess is that she ingested drugs at some point. She is smaller than expected and experiences seizures. The road that curved around the mountain with blind curves brought me to a degree specializing in children with special needs. That same wandering path brought me a cat with special needs. She is special and everyone who meets her falls in love. She is also a great comfort to me with the distance to friends and family being so great. God knew many years ago where this journey would take me and in a round about way He provided me with a traveling companion.

What curveball have you been thrown? What curvy path have you taken? How did you expect your life to turn out? What would you have missed out on without the wandering? What have you learned along the way? Do you ENJOY the JOURNEY??????

I am off to bed for I must be on the T (subway) seven and a half hours from now. Good Night all!!! (Please leave comments!!! and Enjoy the picture of my "special" companion)


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Anonymous said...

"Bloom where you are planted."

CHRISTA said...

I have a little glass plaque that says just that :)

Anonymous said...

I know.

Goob said...

And just think: if it hadn't been for me and canned cat food, you may have never known the joys of loose kitty stools! I couldn't resist adding that. :) I don't know that mine was a great contribution, but we can laugh about it now...