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10 June 2009

How I Feel

I took this picture in the Southwest Corrider behind my house. I walk a block down the side street and it opens up to a long walkway surrounded by flowers and gardens. It's a great shortcut to the T stop I use for school and let's be honest.... It helps to feed my photography addiction when I actually have time :)

This week has been interesting. We've (my fellow students) and I have been in orientation since Monday. There have been curveballs thrown at us and there are many who are unhappy. When interviewing we were told there would be no more than 49 in the class. We arrived on Monday to a room filled (literally) with 67 students. This causes complications...and yet no reduction in tuition. It means less hands on experience, less lab time with cadavers, more challenging to gain graduate assistantships, and less money for financial aid.... just to name a few. It's frustrating. We spend sooooo many hours praying about, thinking over, and contemplating all of the programs just to determine where to apply. Then the process is further complicated by interviews...and then acceptance letters are sent out and the stress level increases. It is a time when emotions are high and every detail is weighed.... We found on Monday that quite a few details had been left out of the information given to us. Do I love Boston? Yes. Do I love the medical access? Yes. Did I need a small class size? Yes. Would I have chosen MGH with a class size of 67? I don't know! But now we are stuck and tomorrow we will find out how bad it is.

Tomorrow we meet our cadavers. It is amazing and humbling to me that someone cared about our education enough to donate their body for science. It is what I plan to do one day and I hope the students who work on me take a moment to consider my life, my gift, and the emotions there with the sacrifice. It will be a touching and interesting day.

My classmates range from 22 years of age to 38 years of age. There are many of us who are 29 and we joke about creating a "29 club." Yesterday we were in orientation most of the day and then we participated in a mini "Amazing Race" around Boston. It was really interesting. I'll post some pictures (taken with my phone) along the journey. I was on the yellow team and really appreciated that they made sure I was okay even though I slowed them down. Our goal was to not be the last team and in that we succeeded. I was able to get to know some interesting young people along the journey. Below are some pictures from some of the stops on our race.... (sorry I couldn't get them to arranged as I wanted....)

Part of the yellow team at the Bunker Hill Monument. ( ) Our other teammate was a great volunteer and running up the stairs of the monument. I wasn't going to volunteer!

The Bunker Hill Monument! (This is a couple of blocks from my school). These are the stairs that one teammate from each team had to climb. It wasn't me ;)

The Ether Dome. ( )
This was really neat! I didn't know it existed until yesterday.

A view of the ceiling at the Ether Dome.

Fenway Park. Need I say more?
( )
Some of my classmates are going to the Yankee/ Red Sox game at Fenway.
BTW: The Red Sox are WON!.... ( I wonder if I'll be a Red Sox fan soon? I would love to go to a game...)

The Paul Revere Statue.... ( )

Mike's Pastry! This is an amazing pastry shop in the North End... It's known nationwide.... Be prepared to stand in line...and get a great little white box tied up with string. We had to buy a cannoli to take to the finish line...
( )

It was a fun day... and today has been a long day... I'm heading to bed. Tomorrow is gross anatomy.... I'll let you know how it goes :)

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Goob said...

Was the Mike's Pastry place the one we started out in but then decided to go on to ice skating? We gotta stand in that line again when I come up, and this time I'll get something. :)

CHRISTA said...

Yeah that was Mike's Pastry. Amy and I are planning to go when she comes up.