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03 April 2009

A Foggy Morning

I like the picture above. (I can't remember the name of the flower) It was taken at my parents house at the end of the day. The light is coming in a window and the plant was pretty large. The only flowers that you can see are the ones flooded in the light.... Ponder that for a moment. Without being flooded by His light... Are we really showing our true beauty? This is a reprimand for myself as well as a question of you. I have been slacking on my time in Bible study and I feel it down to my core. It's something I'm working on....

Saturday I helped my dad with a photo shoot in Troy, NC. I enjoy helping him, it's like "our time." We've been taking pictures of some of these kids for about many years now. It's been fun watching them grow up. There are a few who are little brothers and sisters of children I used to keep in afterschool. That always makes me feel old :)

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a morning person. Some of my favorite morning memories are from growing up. Mama or Daddy would wake me up. I would slowly move after the fourth time or the "this is the last time I'm telling you" that always began my day. (No that's not my favorite part!) My favorite was walking into my kitchen where Daddy would be leaning against the kitchen sink. His comment "Good Morning" and response "(grunt)." Then I went to lean on him for a really good hug....for you see- He and I are alike in the morning department. We're both fine once we wake up but it's a little slow moving until then. My mom is a morning person and Amy.... well we will just say- Don't speak to her in the morning until she speaks to you. From me you get a grunt and from Amy you get a glare....

So anyway, I am sleep deprived and I digress. Saturday morning we had a photo shoot... it was a little different than usual because it wasn't classical music playing on the radio or npr. As we traveled down the country roads at 6:30am it was an interesting view. (Of course I didn't have MY camera....on the way to a photo shoot.) It was foggy that morning and as we would come around curves you could only see small portions of lengthy roads usually in clear view.

I was already a little out of sorts. Times of quiet and my mind don't really get along these days. I keep running schooling issues through my mind. This morning was no different. Daddy of course asked "So what's new with the school situation." My reply "nothing... I can't do anything without money. I'm just waiting....and praying." We rounded another curve....more foggy roads...and then it hit me. The reason I was able to find such comfort in the foggy roads is because it's where I am. My life at this point is a foggy country road with twists and turns. I know what is on the other side. I know what is at the end. I know where it began and where I am now. What I don't know is the in between.

Right now there are things stuck in the fog. How do I get past the issue of getting my loans two weeks after classes begin? How do I pay the broker fees, realter fees, first month, last month, security deposit on an apartment...especially with apartments costing $1500/mo. That rent alone is what I pay in three months now!!!!! WOW! But somehow in the fog there is peace. I haven't looked at the apartment listings online because I'm tired of watching them decline. There were 8 available for June 1, 2009. Now there are two. What can I do? Does looking make it better? NO! How do you actually move from an apartment in Greensboro, NC to a fourth floor walk up (did I mention I found one I LOVE?) in Boston, MA? How do you rent a U-Haul for that far? How do you get the furniture up the stairs? How do I get my cat, Lucy, to Boston? How do I squeeze time with all my family and friends into 7 weeks?

Yep--that's right folks... A little over 7 weeks!! and then I need to be moving. Two months from Wednesday my first class at MGH (well Harvard) begins. Think of all the things I need to do.... aarrrrggghhh (did I mention I'm going to school to be a pirate?- j/k)

All of that to say... Life is stressful. I'm worried. I'm trusting God but some days are more weakly trusted than others. I'm hopeful...while being cautiously optimistic!

So now allow me to tell you a God Story:

My dad is currently an interim minister at a church in Trinity, NC.
There is a man there ( well several really :))
One man in particular has decided to gift me the use of a moving truck
and two men to help with loading, driving the truck (to Boston) and unloading!!!
Boxes are also taken care of and my dad and I will ride up in his car.
(I'm not taking one-- No point right now.)
So right now up to me for moving is packing tape and gas for the car!!!
God is amazing!
The best part was watching my dad's face as he told me on Sunday evening...
I think this path has been a rough one for my family but also a blessing.
It's so neat to see God work in ways that are so perfect it blows your mind.
To help even more...
My friend Christy (will be flying up for the move) has volunteered
to take Lucy on the plane with her :) He he he!!!
(medicated of course... Lucy... not Christy!)

So things are working out little by little. I'm trusting that the rest will although I'll admit that sooner would be better than later :) For now I'm heading to Wilmington for the weekend.. my last azalea festival for a while (see I'm being hopeful!) and a chance to spend time with my family.

I hope each of you has an amazing weekend with a chance to enjoy the little things. They are often the most important and have the greatest impact. Enjoy your friends...enjoy your family and realize that each day is a gift... one we may not be given tomorrow. Enjoy each moment :)

A Boston street. I love that streets like this exist a couple of blocks from sky scrapers!

New and old exist together!

They sign on my school building. It's located in the naval yard in Charlestown.


Anonymous said...

Hope that things work out well for you, but you're such a nice person that I'm sure they will. I remmeber your Dad from Marching Band days. Such a warm person. Very good blog and I'll keep you in my thoughts and well wishes!


Anonymous said...

*sigh*....*remember...not remmeber. Sometimes that whole thing brains do with filling in the in between blanks, is not helpful.


junction said...

Could the plant be a cyclamen? Very good blog!

CHRISTA said...

Once again (Mama) you are CORRECT! I can never remember that name :)

Krista-Thanks for your comments! THanks for reading! I love the remmeber ;) It's okay I look at a tree and my brain says dog... you're way ahead of me :)