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12 April 2009

Happy Resurrection Day!

Today Mama, Amy, David, and myself went to my dad's new church (near) in Trinity. I always like going home to my dad's churches. I miss the old hymns and the use of a hymn book. It allows me to stumble through the alto part :) It was a good service and we were able to eat lunch together (sort of) before Amy and David hit the road for High Point. I was really excited when an older gentleman picked up the mike for the restaurant and asked everyone to please bow their heads for a moment of silence in honor of the day. I was further surprised when he began to pray and included specifics on what this day means..... Wow! It was nice to be somewhere where being a Christian isn't a bad thing. I remember being in elementary school and having a moment of silence before lunch. Even then it was iffy but at least student led prayer was still allowed.....Sad... What will it be like when my children are in school? my grandchildren?

Mama and I were talking about the Easter story last night and it hit me..... it's been a long time since I had read the Easter story. Today after a half nap on the loveseat I began to read. Below are my observations. They are few but meaningful to me:
  • God is gracious! I love the thief hanging beside Jesus. He doesn't kiss up to Jesus. He doesn't pull any punches. He doesn't beg for special privileges. He is straight forward and ask for very little. He asks Jesus to "remember" him. Jesus goes above and beyond by telling him "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise." Jesus was innocent. The thief was not. Jesus was in agony at this moment. He was truly struggling and He took the time to offer words of comfort to a "thief." How often do we dismiss the needs of others because we are unable to look past our own problems? Jesus forgave and took his penitence to heart. He knew that the thief was honestly sorry and seeking forgiveness. He gave it. Who are we to withhold forgiveness from one who requests it?

  • The crucifixion was GRUESOME! The details of His death make me physically sick. The pain, the torture, the enjoyment of the torturers, the cries of the crowd, the tears and sorrow of the followers, the anguish of his mother, the heartbreak of Jesus and what He had to bear.... How can we read this without weeping? He did all of this for us! I'm not worthy... I could give you a mile long list of reasons right this second and you and I know I will add more reasons tomorrow and the coming weeks. It is our human nature. What love He must feel for us in order to do this! He could have taken Himself off of the cross at any time. He could have told God He refused.... instead He hung there, He bled, He bled more.... He listened to the chants, He listened to the ridicule of the soldiers, He hurt, He was stabbed in the side.... He died..... for ME! He did all of this for me. What have I done to make Him proud?

  • God can (and does) perform Miracles! Jesus rose from the dead. How can we doubt that a Father who has the ability to raise Jesus from the dead is not listening to our prayers? Why do we question His ability to perform miracles? I am guilty of this. I've seen it many times and yet I am slow to fully trust Him to take care of all of my needs. I try to remind myself that when the need seems too large to fulfill .... it is still "very small" and very "do-able" to God!

"At the cross at the cross..where I first saw the light. And the burden of my heart rolled away. It was there by faith, I received my sight... and now I am happy all the days..."

"Up from the grave He arose... with a mighty triumph o'er His foes...."

"Christ the Lord is risen today. Hallelujah...."

"He risen Hallelujah! He risen Hallelujah! Death where is your sting? Behold the King of Kings..."

(These are just a few of the MANY hymns.... What are your favorites? What are the words? What do they mean to you?)


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Anonymous said...

I don't consider myself an extremely religious person, but I enjoyed this blog and I have to say that I always like the way you talk about Christianity. I wish there were more "good" Christians like you that were heard about in the media. Christianity gets a bad rep so many times due to extremists, like I think a lot of religions do. Hope you had a Happy Easter. :)