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08 April 2009

Good Day... Odd People

The title describes my day!

I began the day by heading to campus for my cardio class and worrying about how to fit in a shower between class and an appointment. Due to a phone interview my class was cancelled and only a signature was needed for attendance. I left there a little lighter in my shoes and excited about my appointment with Lorraine (Brit PT) for a manual therapy session. The session was GREAT as usual. My hips actually work now and my shoulders are a little less likely to be called earrings :) It was also a lot of fun to talk to Lorraine (PT) about Boston and starting school. She has been a real support along the way; acting as a sounding board and offering advice.

I decided I needed some "me time" before work. So I left PT and went to the park to spend some time with plants, flowers, trees, and my camera. The original plan was to spend thirty to forty minutes in the park. Almost two hours later I was exiting with a smile on my face and lots of pictures in my camera.

Now for the odd people! I like meeting people in unusual places like a park. I am not however fond of organized meetings. (just a random piece of information about me :) ) Today I first met a lady that I will describe as "wacky" "odd" and a bit "crazy." She was walking along with a stroller and a dog "on a leash." Let me elaborate.... the leash was connected to the dog's collar but the leash was just dragging on the ground. No person (woman) held the handle on the other end. Upon further inspection I found the stroller to be empty and realized the anticipated occupant was the dog! After going about my business and increasing my picture count, I turned to discover the lady pulling out a quilt to place on a bench. Guess who the quilt was for....the dog. She then explained that the dog was less comfortable and complained more without the quilt. All I can say is...... WOW!

Now to the second person! I met a really cute old man with two small dogs. After talking to the man and loving on the dogs I was given the full story. The gentleman's wife died two years and thirty-three days ago. The pain and anguish from the loss of his wife was almost unbearable. Thus leading to his choice to adopt a dog. Since he was once a professional runner he decided that a rescued/retired greyhound would be the proper choice. He fell in love with one of the dogs and found that the two were inseparable. So what did he do? Came home with both of them... He was a really nice gentleman with a beautiful smile and a great laugh. I only wish I had asked his name!

The stress has been high lately. All of my nails are gone....due to my teeth! (I don't bite my nails... ever!) God knew I needed a laugh today and he provided them in abundance. First with an unexpected run in with a friend, then with a hilarious care bear story from Lorraine. As if this wasn't enough.... I then was gifted with run-ins with the "interesting" lady and a kind gentleman with a great laugh.

It never ceases to amaze me when God delivers exactly what I need! Is it "coincidence" or "a plan"? What do you need? He says "Ask and ye shall receive..."

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Goob said...

Speaking of odd people... then I came over on Thursday, so you must've been showered with lots of blessings that week. ;)
My parents have seen the lady with the dog and stroller, but I have yet to witness it...Did see the man with his little greyhounds, though. :)