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27 April 2009

Did I Mention...

...that I have the sweetest dad in the world? I know you think yours is better... but I'm here to tell you.... "Sorry! Mine's the BEST!!!"

After crying and falling apart for dad was really worried... He even offered to take me to Cracker Barrel (but it would be too late when he got to Greensboro)... I blubbered...and bawled into the phone with all of the passion deserving of the heart ache I felt.... I finally hung up, went into my apartment.... shoved everything off of my bed...and cried (in the dark...almost alone... --Lucy won't leave me alone when I cry) phone began to ring...and my mom's voice is on the other end... we are talking.. I'm not such an absolute mess... the doorbell rings.... [keep in mind I had asked my mom "Is daddy in bed?" her response, "Not quite yet." When the doorbell rang I asked, "Is Daddy at home?" her answer..."Well, I'm not sure?"]

and when I opened the door my dad was standing there with a Wendy's bag and the biggest diet coke I've ever seen (I swallowed every single drop!)... I tried not to cry and was even more touch when he declared he was spending the night. It was an unexpected surprise but a nice one... My apartment was a wreck. He didn't care. I had nothing to offer him for breakfast. He didn't care. He was there because if it were him he wouldn't want to be alone. Did you know he and I are a lot alike. I was unable to put into words the need for companionship...but he knew without me asking.....

Did I mention I have the best Daddy?

I love you Daddy!!!!!


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That is one sweet Daddy!