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23 March 2009

My Morning....

...This morning I was still under the covers chanting to myself... "Today's going to be a good IS going to be a good day.... today's going to be a good day.... This is gonna be a good week.... This IS going to be a GOOD week....." So as I jumped in the shower and dressed for my cardio kickboxing class I was feeling confident that today was going to be a good day!... I then grabbed my water bottle and my student ID, locked the door, headed down the hill, and this is what I found...... worries... the hubcap was already gone! However the tire didn't look like that when I parked it on Saturday... I'm no expert on cars but my dad made sure I knew enough: I can check/add oil, add gas, add water, check tire pressure, add air, change a tire...and even change the oil and air filter (thanks to my brother in law).... I know enough to know...this isn't good!
I didn't think it would be wise to change it with my back. Seeing as how I have to jump up and down to get the bolts off....I would be feeling it for days. So I shot a text to one of my dear friends (I just knew she would be able to help!). Unfortunately, she doesn't know how to change a tire, yet! BUT...her lovely boyfriend was home sick today and willing to help me out!!!!! So after stealing a block from a neighbor (with a No Trespassing sign on his door), removing the flat, putting on an almost flat doughnut, and putting air in the doughnut.... I headed to the tire place...
Only to find that my flat had four nails in it...and oh by the way...the tires have dry rot... So after hours of waiting and hundreds of dollars I didn't have... I now have four new tires. There is, however, something to be said for new tires. There was a tremendous difference in the ease of steering!
I'm hoping this afternoon takes a curve and climbs a hill instead of continuing on a downward slope!

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