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27 March 2009

Early Morning Pondering...

It's 2:45am and I'm obviously unable to sleep.

Things I have tried (in the last 3 hours) to induce sleep:

  • lying in the dark with eyes closed and silence...

  • lying in the dark with eyes closed and gentle piano (Dino) in the background with nature sounds

  • reading four chapters of Eleanor Roosevelt (I love her!)

  • drinking hot tea (just encouraged trips from bed to bathroom :) )

  • cuddling with Lucinda Lou (my cat)

  • a warm shower

  • catching up on reading blogs I follow (sick children in my church...)

  • catching up on Flickr

  • catching up on my Scrabble games with Mama

  • updating playlist

  • .....writing this blog entry

So here I sit absolutely totally truly awake without an inkling of sleepiness. Could it be the fried zucchini I ate with dinner? (It's AWESOME!!! --Jam's Deli at Friendly Center for those of you in GSO) Could it be the stress about school? Could it be excitement of spending some time with my parents? Could it be the need to plan the meals and food prep for freezing at Mama and Daddy's? Who knows why...

Observations of my day: (boring... I know...)

  1. Laurie's birthday is tomorrow and she'll be the old age of 27!
  2. Children get sick..but God is sovereign.
  3. Brenner's Children Hospital is an amazing gift of God....
  4. Rain makes the air smell like eucalyptus (my neighbor has a tree)
  5. I like the sound of the rain on my AC unit
  6. If you wear pants that are too long and shoes that are low and it rains... you have to hold your pant legs up as you walk through the yard....
  7. Friends are a good thing to have.
  8. A full size washer and dryer is better than my friend's English washer and dryer that are a 1/3 size of mine...
  9. I do not look forward to carrying my laundry down stairs and through streets to a laundry mat in Boston.
  10. Music from my childhood is much more comforting than the music of today (wow that made me sound much older than my 29 years)
  11. Some people choose to photoshop their photos while I choose to leave mine alone. We will never agree on this matter....let's just respect each other....
  12. Seeing children I know in the hospital makes me even more certain of my purpose in being a pediatric PT.
  13. The Lord works in mysterious ways... using a ultrasound after a UTI to show a tumor in a 2.5 yr old.... using a neb treatment to keep an infant in the hospital just when he needed to be there due to SVT.... using a young boy's spinal surgeries and blog to bring others closer to Himself...... Wow!
  • What have you noticed today? What little things jumped out at you and said.... "Hey I made this just for you... I love you..." That's what He says in each flower, tree, bird, raindrop, sun ray, child, adult, laugh..... (click on the photo at the bottom of this post and see if you notice a part of the pansy you don't normally see...)

Think of all of the flowers that bloom and no one sees them.... Look around... pay attention and you just may see an "I love you" sign made just for you!

May God bless you with a great day of small blessings and great surprises....but just in case you worry... Remember

Psalm 94:19 "For when anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul." (JOY!!!)


Goob said...

Observation #1 is pretty cool. :)
Sorry to hear about the sleeplessness though (is that a word?). It looks funny...
No more fried zucchini for you! Or at least for a little while :)

CHRISTA said...

YAY!!! A comment! I like to think that people read my blog and just don't leave comments but in actuality I know it's not read. Oh well... Just makes it more challenging for me to write....

What I mean to say is THanks for the comment!

As for the actual comment.... Yeah I can't believe Observation #1 either... SHE IS SOOOOOOOO OLD!!!!

Goob said...

Haha, you're welcome, you're welcome... I know, it's amazing my arthritic fingers could even type a comment, but I worked long and hard on it. :)
I liked all of your obervations, by the way... sometimes it's "therapeutic" to write simple things like that down -- often those "simple" things are what have the most impact on our lives.