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18 January 2009

a School Update!!!

Good News!!!

I received invitations for interviews at three graduate schools! I have an interview with Simmons College (Boston, MA) on February 27th and an interview with Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions (MGH Institute) on February 28th. On February 21st I have an interview with University of St. Augustine (St. Augustine, FL).

So...I'm EXCITED, NERVOUS, SCARED, and planning trips. It's an interesting process. I have officially booked a flight to Boston on the 25th and return on March 1st. This requires three days off, a million to do lists, and a ton of money. I'm praying for time to squeeze in odd jobs...and discernment on the words I need to say.

I am praying that the interviews go well and that I am offered admission to atleast one of the schools. These are three of my top four choices! Please pray that my nerves are calmed, my trips are funded, and the interviewers see the true me and how much this opportunity means to me.

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