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18 January 2009

Favorite Thing #7


I know what you're thinking...Christmas is not about getting gifts. This I know. I do enjoy getting gifts at Christmas. Who doesn't? But my favorite part of gifts is the GIVING of gifts! I enjoy picking small gifts that make the receiver smile. The little things they mention in passing and never expect to receive.

Each year I try to give one person a special gift. This year the special gift went to my daddy. He has been working extremely long hours out in the elements on the car lot. He was the deserving choice this year. The gift: a ticket to see an opera with me. I realize that many of you are thinking that that's a ridiculous gift. Opera Carolina has an amazing season this year which includes: Barber of Seville, Marriage of Figaro, and Turando. My love for an incredibly diverse array of music is a gift from my family. Many hours have been spent in the car with my dad listening to classical music. (In a car it makes me fall asleep and it keeps him awake...) I'm looking forward to an afternoon of opera with my Daddy!!!

This year for most of my Christmas gifts I decided to try something different. Each year I give cds from Kohl's. (They are composed of songs from various artists and the proceeds go to a children's charity) This year I once again gave the cds as gifts but also decided to increase the charitable giving. Instead of giving traditional gifts I sponsored two children and two senior adults in honor of my friends and family. In a year with such a depressing economy it is especially important to give to those in greater need than ourselves.

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junction said...

You are right. We are so blessed. Thank you for realizing that others have such need and then doing something about it.