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18 January 2009

a School Update!!!

Good News!!!

I received invitations for interviews at three graduate schools! I have an interview with Simmons College (Boston, MA) on February 27th and an interview with Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions (MGH Institute) on February 28th. On February 21st I have an interview with University of St. Augustine (St. Augustine, FL).

So...I'm EXCITED, NERVOUS, SCARED, and planning trips. It's an interesting process. I have officially booked a flight to Boston on the 25th and return on March 1st. This requires three days off, a million to do lists, and a ton of money. I'm praying for time to squeeze in odd jobs...and discernment on the words I need to say.

I am praying that the interviews go well and that I am offered admission to atleast one of the schools. These are three of my top four choices! Please pray that my nerves are calmed, my trips are funded, and the interviewers see the true me and how much this opportunity means to me.

Favorite Thing #13


I saved the most important for last... Without Him I would be nothing. Without His help I wouldn't be going to graduate school. Without his protection I could have been gone a long time ago (from an accident...). Without His gifts I wouldn't have my wonderful friends and family. Without Him I would not have the promise of a future with Him and my loved ones who have gone before me...

Do you have Him? He's there waiting...with open arms!

Favorite Thing #12

the BEACH!!!!

Sounds odd, doesn't it? Each year after Christmas my family goes to Myrtle Beach for a week. As a Minister of Music the Christmas season is my dad's most hectic time of the year. The week after Christmas is when a time to take a breather is the most needed. This has proven true for me the last couple of years (being back in school). Time with family is not something I take for granted.

As graduate school draws closer I appreciate it more and more...

Enjoy the pics from the beach this year...

Favorite Thing #11


I LOVE Christmas trees. It's not Christmas without a ("dead live") fir in the living room. I don't go for the artificial ("fake")'s the "real" tree that I want. The smell, the look, the constant watering, and the dropping needles....I want it all. As I write this I can see my tiny tree out of the corner of my eye. It will come down today! (I think :) )

My topper this year was a Moravian star from Old Salem :) A new family heirloom!

Favorite Thing #10


Ringing the bell is one of my absolute favorite things to do. The first time I can remember ringing was in High School with the Anchor club. I have tried to ring every year since then. The joy of helping others is wonderful. My favorite places to ring are in lower income neighborhoods. I enjoy explaining to children that the money buys food and gifts for children who don't have anything for Christmas. Watching the joy on little faces as they place their penny or nickle into the pot with a huge smile and a "Merry Christmas."

If you have never taken the opportunity to ring the Salvation Army bell I highly suggest it. Grab your family, your friends, your small group, and your coworkers. You may not be able to donate money but you can surely donate a couple of hours of your time.

The Salvation Army now has an online kettle program where you can sponsor a kettle and encourage friends and family to donate. I give ten and a half months of warning. I plan to be away at graduate school at Christmas 2009. I will be sponsoring a kettle and I will be asking for donations. Start saving your change now. Save it all year for a great cause and help to supply those in need with a Christmas to remember!

Favorite Thing #9


This is a family favorite. Each year batch after batch is made and the house smells amazing. Cinnamon, Ginger, and Cloves...what more can you ask for? I have a tendency to alter recipes and make them my own. This is a recipe that will never be will just be passed from generation to generation.

I don't have a picture because I didn't make any this year. I'll add a picture later.

Favorite Thing #8


I know it seems silly but I love wrapping paper. I love wrapping gifts. I love unwrapping gifts. I love picking out two or three papers that correspond with a little funk... However, I'm still trying to perfect the Raleigh wrapping skills.... I'll try til I die :)

Favorite Thing #7


I know what you're thinking...Christmas is not about getting gifts. This I know. I do enjoy getting gifts at Christmas. Who doesn't? But my favorite part of gifts is the GIVING of gifts! I enjoy picking small gifts that make the receiver smile. The little things they mention in passing and never expect to receive.

Each year I try to give one person a special gift. This year the special gift went to my daddy. He has been working extremely long hours out in the elements on the car lot. He was the deserving choice this year. The gift: a ticket to see an opera with me. I realize that many of you are thinking that that's a ridiculous gift. Opera Carolina has an amazing season this year which includes: Barber of Seville, Marriage of Figaro, and Turando. My love for an incredibly diverse array of music is a gift from my family. Many hours have been spent in the car with my dad listening to classical music. (In a car it makes me fall asleep and it keeps him awake...) I'm looking forward to an afternoon of opera with my Daddy!!!

This year for most of my Christmas gifts I decided to try something different. Each year I give cds from Kohl's. (They are composed of songs from various artists and the proceeds go to a children's charity) This year I once again gave the cds as gifts but also decided to increase the charitable giving. Instead of giving traditional gifts I sponsored two children and two senior adults in honor of my friends and family. In a year with such a depressing economy it is especially important to give to those in greater need than ourselves.

Back from a long Absence...

..Okay so here we go..
December was CRAZY! The semester about killed me, I worked a ridiculous amount of hours, traveled for days, wrapped gifts, finished grad school applications, and spent time with family.
I never finished my favorite Christmas items. I'll add a few more and then leave the list incomplete. I'll have to work on it next year:) The plan was to finish my list at the beach but when WiFi was unavailable that plan was crushed!!!