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29 November 2008

For Amy

Just a few of the favorite frosty friends.... Thanks for decorating the tree with me this weekend. It was a nice way to remember good times :)...although that box of ornaments is a bit like a chinese takeout lo just keeps coming and coming...

28 November 2008

Fall Beauty

I hope this post finds everyone well rested and recuperating from a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with friends, family, and food.
We were blessed this year with a house full of family. My mom's family came in from High Point and food, talk, tall tales, and laughter followed. We caught up on each others' lives, got to know new additions, and reminisced about those already in Heaven.
I was able to take some pictures last week in the park. I enjoy the little pieces of nature that many people overlook. The leaves we step on, the flower that has fallen off the bush, the fly taking a rest on a petal, the pollen in the center of a wilted rose....It's fun to capture them for safe keeping...Enjoy!
Please take a few moments and be thoughtful and consider what it is you are thankful for. As for me here are some..just to name a few:

**Great parents who love me and raised me to love God and respect others

**Mama: for your peacefulness and calm reassurance, for listening, for quantity time, for the best back scratches ever, and for letting my head rest on your "almost" shoulder for a hug... I love you!

**Daddy: for the best morning hugs when we both just want to go back to bed, for eggs a la golden rod, for sharing your love of photography, and for all of your support through the struggles of the last years... I love you!

**My sister, her silly personality, beautiful smile, and randomness. Thanks for making me smile! I love you Sis!

**My brother-in-law who saves lives on a daily basis and makes my sister smile, for great cooking, for parking my car on the side of the mountain, for answering my questions, and for putting up with your sister in laws visits :) I love you Bro!

**My dog niece or niece dog...who kept me awake last night by burping in my face...

**An extended family full of love, laughter, and silliness...

**Friends: More than I can name...

**Christy: who didn't need or want more friends but let me into her heart no are a daily inspiration to me.. thanks for all the "real" talk and laughter..

**Laurie: what can be said.. to my food friend with a mutual passion for big bang, chinese, and krispy kreme doughnuts. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to on Thursdays

**Traci: my quiet quaker friend..thanks for being there when you weren't expected, lending a hand even when I can't voice the need, and for loving my cat as much as I do...

**Ele and Jenna: what can be said other than.....Laughter, movies, and mexican :)

...and to all of my other friends.. you know who you are Loved!

**Eileen: for all of the help with school and support over the years...

**Banning: for your lovable wierdness, the best hugs ever, for making me laugh, and trying to make me smile on days when I feel like crying...

**Kiki: for being you... for accepting me as part of the family... and for all of the times you've come to my defense

**Lucinda Lou "Lucy": my unexpected friend in a furry coat. One who loves me unconditionally.

**A future full of possibilities! (grad school, husband, children, home, dog.....)

**the Christmas season!!!!

**Salvation Army kettles and ringing bells...

**a "live dead" Christmas tree

** eyes tea..

**....too many things to name....

Happy Thanksgiving Season.........

22 November 2008

Wilted and Withered... how I feel after this week.

I've been sick for the last week and a half or so and this week the schoolwork was laid on thick... It's getting near the end of the semester and so professors feel the need to pile the work on. This week it was four tests, two projects, many small assignments, doctors appointments, exam review sessions, applications ...and I had the boys overnight four days.

I'm tired. No, I'm EXHAUSTED!!!

I'm SOOOO excited about Thanksgiving. I need a time of refreshment and renewal. Our family is getting together at my parents' house.

the poor shoes

I awoke Friday morning to snow covered ground.... In my usual fashion I rushed to get ready (in hopes of taking some pictures before heading to Gateway School). I succeeded. Only to arrive at Gateway and find that there was a two hour delay.

So I decided to head to the park to take pictures. Unfortunately I was wearing my leather shoes. They weren't so happy.... I LOVED IT!

(I met two little brothers from was rolling in the snow and the other was screaming in terror..... - It was a bit sad and yet funny at the same time...)

18 November 2008

This is a week of cool to cold temperatures, wind blowing, leaves rustling, and the smell of a fire in the fireplace. I love this time of the year. It's a time of change, of beginning and end. The leaves have changed and are now leaving the trees. The temperatures are cooling for the approach of winter.
On the school side it's the approach of Thanksgiving vacation which also means a time of tests, papers, and projects. It's coming down to the end of the semester.
In the last couple of weeks I was able to go to Women of Faith with my mom and sister, celebrate my birthday in Boone with friends, and submit two graduate school applications. It has been a busy November and it's only half over.
The upsetting part of the last couple of weeks have shown me how easy it is to push my quiet time to the side. It's too easy and something I am working on.
For anyone who has wandered away remember... He welcomes us all back with open arms. Life is hard but it is so much smoother with Him than without Him.

09 November 2008

Today is....

....Grandmama's birthday.

A day to miss her, a day to remember her, and a day to appreciate all that she did for me as well as many others.....

To everyone who has lost someone.....may your soul recover, may your heart heal, and may the tears of sadness become tears of joy....