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27 October 2008

Topsail this Weekend...

Okay. So let's just say that the weekend at Topsail didn't go as planned.

I didn't get to go because I was too overwhelmed with schoolwork and applications. Amy and Mama still went down on Friday evening. When they arrived at the beach house Amy had to park near the house because there was a little water at on of the parking areas. (This is normal) Below are some pictures of the typical view around the house. The first is a view from the back of the house. It overlooks the sound. (The house is right on the sound and the beach is across the road from the front of the house) The second is a view from the front of the house.

Now that you have seen the beforCheck Spellinge pics I'll show you the after pics. They woke up with a big surprise. When my grandmother woke up my sister telling her she would be surprised she thought snow...for a second (she lives in Boone). But then she realized where she was.......

The entire area around the house is flooded. The houses you see in the distance on the second picture sit on the beach. That's how far the water came in. When walking through it the water was at the middle of Amy's thigh and both Amy and Grandmother's cars were flooded with the water. A storm had come through the night before but this kind of flooding is typically reserved for hurricanes.

Everyone made it out fine. However the cars and Amy's belongs were not so lucky.


todd-paine said...

But the worst part (even worse that expensive floor replacement in the honda) was the fact that my final grades for report cards were due on Monday, and all my kids work was also wet in the car. I cried for the sodden AP English notebooks. And then we mourned in class. And then everyone got a free 100. Well, what else could we do, really?

Anonymous said...

This is a weekend that will not be forgotten. Right, todd-paine?