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12 October 2008

I Apologize in Advance.....

...for this post.

My goal is not to rant on this blog because it annoys me to read blogs full of people complaining and ranting about life.


I found these posters online as I was hunting for nutrition calculators online. I loved both of them and thought I'd share.

I have to hear people tell me "normal girls are married by my age"...."you aren't getting any younger you need to get started on making babies"..."your sister was married at your age"...."how old was your mom when she got married?"... and then my favorite.... "It's not normal for a girl your age to still be in college."

Women who go to school for medicine are still in school at the age of twenty-eight. Plenty of women have babies after the age of twenty-nine and YES I know the statistics of special needs children born to older women. I am also acutely aware of the amount of work, stress, worry, and insomnia I'm going through now with my attempt to get into grad school. I have no social life, I can't eat, I can't sleep, and I worry about money and what I'm going to do if I don't get into grad school. I am taking more credit hours than a full load (at three different schools), volunteering at a school for children with special needs two to three times a week, working, and trying to complete graduate school applications. Please don't tell me how hard it is to be married or in the "real world." I'm looking forward to the day when I am only in school or only working.

I talked to a friend today who is about my age. She'll be starting nursing school in the spring and single as can be. We were discussing how much we've learned about ourselves in the last five years. I wouldn't trade the last five years of being single for anything. I've learned who I want to be, what kind of person I want to become, what makes me happy, what breaks my heart, what's truly important to me, and the things that I look forward to the most in the future. Those are invaluable gifts that I can give my husband one day. I need to be a "whole" person to get married. Two halves don't make a whole when it comes to marriage. Somewhere in this world is the one God has chosen for me. As God is shaping and molding me for him He's also shaping and molding him for me.

Why do we rush young people? Why do we push them to mature so early? They are surrounded by sexual images on TV, billboards, movies, and magazines. Instead of encouraging our young ones to date why don't we encourage them to dream about their future? Adults like to think that they don't have much influence on the children and young adults of this generation. It's NOT true. They may not acknowledge but they are listening. They are looking for cues on what to do. If we continue to take the easy way out future generations will be the ones to suffer. If that doesn't bother you... think about it this way. The young minds that are available for shaping now will one day be caring for US! In thinking about that- What kind of adults do you want them to become? The easy way out usually comes back to bite you in the butt. Isn't it worth fighting the battle now? The "normal" of today worries me!

I painted a table when I was in high school. (It's now in my living room) It says: "DON'T BE NORMAL..... BE HAPPY!"


Fellow Oddball said...

I'm hoping to keep my vegetarian meat to myself for quite a while...I've got my eye on that crazy teacher of ours. ;)
Great advice and thoughts you give here. My philosophy: anybody who advocates "the norm" or "the majority" argument needs to be looked at with suspicion. Let's praise the exception to the rule!

Anonymous said...


I'm 34 and in no hurry to get married, just for the sake of getting married and fitting into society's "norm." It sucks that we have to defend ourselves so often for being where we are. I don't know anybody who I think has and easier life because they're single, or married, for that matter. It is what you make of it. A choice, if you will. :) We all have our blessings and difficulties, no matter what our marital status is. We aren't our sisters. We aren't our mothers. We are who we are, and should be appreciated accordingly.

Sweet T

Anonymous said...

An old oddball said: I had my first kid at 37 and second knocking on 40. They are beautiful and sweet (you know). It is important to work on your dream and on becoming yourself. You have plenty of time.