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05 October 2008

Farmers Market Anyone?

Saturday morning I could be found at the Farmers Market once again. The weather was great like a beautiful fall morning. There were a lot of people and a ton of pumpkins. Below are some of my favorites. If you click on them they will open to bigger images. The first one is one I call Van Gogh. The markings on it are created by the Creator himself and they look like the sky in "Starry Night."

This one is apparently called an apple pumpkin for obvious reasons:

This one is a peanut pumpkin...weird!

Everywhere you looked there were pumpkins...all colors shapes and sizes:

Anyone want some crazy looking green gourds?

Lots and lots of flowers....mums especially:

There was an old man selling zinnias out of his yard. He had them in all different kinds of vases from his family over the years:
Lots of opportunities to buy bouquets with amazing flowers you can't even imagine:
I have always like cacti. My parents have had one for as long as I can remember. Their cactus is huge and planted in a five gallon bucket. It was a thing to be feared as a child and an item of interest as a teen. That's when I appreciated the fact that the flowers on a cactus only bloom for one night and then they are gone. I figure God really likes beauty if he creates flowers that only last for a few hours. Flowers that may never be seen. If he loves flowers that much must he love me?
The picture below is from a man with every kind of little cactus you can think of but my favorites are the ones planted in the little red wagon:
Of course there are veggies :)
And my favorite! The yarn from the sheep farm :) It's hand sheered, hand spun, hand-dyed, and beautiful!!!

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