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27 October 2008

Topsail this Weekend...

Okay. So let's just say that the weekend at Topsail didn't go as planned.

I didn't get to go because I was too overwhelmed with schoolwork and applications. Amy and Mama still went down on Friday evening. When they arrived at the beach house Amy had to park near the house because there was a little water at on of the parking areas. (This is normal) Below are some pictures of the typical view around the house. The first is a view from the back of the house. It overlooks the sound. (The house is right on the sound and the beach is across the road from the front of the house) The second is a view from the front of the house.

Now that you have seen the beforCheck Spellinge pics I'll show you the after pics. They woke up with a big surprise. When my grandmother woke up my sister telling her she would be surprised she thought snow...for a second (she lives in Boone). But then she realized where she was.......

The entire area around the house is flooded. The houses you see in the distance on the second picture sit on the beach. That's how far the water came in. When walking through it the water was at the middle of Amy's thigh and both Amy and Grandmother's cars were flooded with the water. A storm had come through the night before but this kind of flooding is typically reserved for hurricanes.

Everyone made it out fine. However the cars and Amy's belongs were not so lucky.

25 October 2008

Graduate School Choices...

...So far:)

  • St. Augustine University (MOT, DPT) -St. Augustine, FL

  • Simmons College (DPT) - Boston, MA

  • Boston University (DPT) - Boston, MA

  • Belmont University (DPT) - Nashville, TN

  • MGH Institue (DPT) - Boston MA

  • Virginia Commonwealth University (DPT) - Richmond, VA

Listening to the Rain... I write Graduate School Applications!

I am currently working on grad school applications while my family is enjoying the beauty of the water.... waking up the sounds of the beach, and enjoying each other's company (I hope :) ).

The goal for this weekend is catch up on schoolwork, do laundry, wash dishes, print and organize grad school apps, and unpack some boxes (Yes I am still living among tons of boxes!). Of course all of this will not be completed but at least make it through part of it....

I am missing my cousin's wedding, time at the beach, time with family, and a break from here. I BETTER get into grad school!!!

20 October 2008

Topsail Anyone?

I get to go to Topsail this weekend :) I need a break! Now...if I can only make it through the rest of this week of midterms, volunteer hours, work, and graduate school deadlines!!!

18 October 2008

Animal Gourds Anyone?

Once again...a trip to the farmers market...
Look what I found!
I asked the man if I could take pictures.
He was more than willing as long as he didn't have to be in the pic.

Squash anyone?
I think one of these could feed a family.
I myself tend toward the smaller vegetables. (more tender?)
But today I was thinking...maybe there's another reason I buy smaller items...
We all look for things that are similar to us :)

the Playlist...

...has been updated! There's a little bit of everything. Dig down to the bottom and maybe you'll find some songs you haven't heard in a while.

It's a popout. You can use it by itself anytime. Feel free to add suggestions for songs or artists..

12 October 2008

Play List...

Okay so OBVIOUSLY there is now a playlist of some of my favorite songs. I'll probably be updating it on a regular basis.

My friends pick on me about my ecclectic music library on a regular basis. The playlist is no different. There's blues, jazz, bluegrass, opera, classical, etc..... Enjoy.

I'm not sure it will stay where it is. Seems a bit distracting. I'll play with it. Feel free to pause it if it annoys you.


So in my abnormal psych class we discussed stories of people having to eat friends to survive. In this discussion I found out that the meat of vegetarians is apparently more tasty.. Laurie was NOT amused :) I saw this quiz and thought it would be interesting..

How many cannibals could your body feed?

I Apologize in Advance.....

...for this post.

My goal is not to rant on this blog because it annoys me to read blogs full of people complaining and ranting about life.


I found these posters online as I was hunting for nutrition calculators online. I loved both of them and thought I'd share.

I have to hear people tell me "normal girls are married by my age"...."you aren't getting any younger you need to get started on making babies"..."your sister was married at your age"...."how old was your mom when she got married?"... and then my favorite.... "It's not normal for a girl your age to still be in college."

Women who go to school for medicine are still in school at the age of twenty-eight. Plenty of women have babies after the age of twenty-nine and YES I know the statistics of special needs children born to older women. I am also acutely aware of the amount of work, stress, worry, and insomnia I'm going through now with my attempt to get into grad school. I have no social life, I can't eat, I can't sleep, and I worry about money and what I'm going to do if I don't get into grad school. I am taking more credit hours than a full load (at three different schools), volunteering at a school for children with special needs two to three times a week, working, and trying to complete graduate school applications. Please don't tell me how hard it is to be married or in the "real world." I'm looking forward to the day when I am only in school or only working.

I talked to a friend today who is about my age. She'll be starting nursing school in the spring and single as can be. We were discussing how much we've learned about ourselves in the last five years. I wouldn't trade the last five years of being single for anything. I've learned who I want to be, what kind of person I want to become, what makes me happy, what breaks my heart, what's truly important to me, and the things that I look forward to the most in the future. Those are invaluable gifts that I can give my husband one day. I need to be a "whole" person to get married. Two halves don't make a whole when it comes to marriage. Somewhere in this world is the one God has chosen for me. As God is shaping and molding me for him He's also shaping and molding him for me.

Why do we rush young people? Why do we push them to mature so early? They are surrounded by sexual images on TV, billboards, movies, and magazines. Instead of encouraging our young ones to date why don't we encourage them to dream about their future? Adults like to think that they don't have much influence on the children and young adults of this generation. It's NOT true. They may not acknowledge but they are listening. They are looking for cues on what to do. If we continue to take the easy way out future generations will be the ones to suffer. If that doesn't bother you... think about it this way. The young minds that are available for shaping now will one day be caring for US! In thinking about that- What kind of adults do you want them to become? The easy way out usually comes back to bite you in the butt. Isn't it worth fighting the battle now? The "normal" of today worries me!

I painted a table when I was in high school. (It's now in my living room) It says: "DON'T BE NORMAL..... BE HAPPY!"

05 October 2008

Farmers Market Anyone?

Saturday morning I could be found at the Farmers Market once again. The weather was great like a beautiful fall morning. There were a lot of people and a ton of pumpkins. Below are some of my favorites. If you click on them they will open to bigger images. The first one is one I call Van Gogh. The markings on it are created by the Creator himself and they look like the sky in "Starry Night."

This one is apparently called an apple pumpkin for obvious reasons:

This one is a peanut pumpkin...weird!

Everywhere you looked there were pumpkins...all colors shapes and sizes:

Anyone want some crazy looking green gourds?

Lots and lots of flowers....mums especially:

There was an old man selling zinnias out of his yard. He had them in all different kinds of vases from his family over the years:
Lots of opportunities to buy bouquets with amazing flowers you can't even imagine:
I have always like cacti. My parents have had one for as long as I can remember. Their cactus is huge and planted in a five gallon bucket. It was a thing to be feared as a child and an item of interest as a teen. That's when I appreciated the fact that the flowers on a cactus only bloom for one night and then they are gone. I figure God really likes beauty if he creates flowers that only last for a few hours. Flowers that may never be seen. If he loves flowers that much must he love me?
The picture below is from a man with every kind of little cactus you can think of but my favorites are the ones planted in the little red wagon:
Of course there are veggies :)
And my favorite! The yarn from the sheep farm :) It's hand sheered, hand spun, hand-dyed, and beautiful!!!