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22 September 2008

A Topsail Retreat

Here are some pictures from the Topsail vacation. It was a chance to rest, relax, and catch up with family and friends.

  • This is the view from the pier to the house.
  • And another from the house out into the sound.
  • The sound is in the backyard and the beach is right across the road.

  • Aunt Lisa, Uncle Dennis, and Philip stopped by in Philip's boat. My awesome little cous took us out for a ride in the sound. That was the most relaxed I've been in a long time.

Fishin', Fishin', and more Fishin'..... Here's mama aiming to catch some of the "wierd" fish caught this year. I'll post some more scenic pics later. (You have to buy a fishing license now to fish at Topsail.) Back in the day you just bought shrimp and squid, laced it on the hook, and tossed it out to see what you could catch.

  • Cowboy Amy peering off the pier. Amy and David took the kayaks out into the sound. There's a sandbar in the middle of the sound. We saw a big group having a get together on the sandbar while we were on our boat tour.

  • Christy sitting on the porch steps. This was a treat. Christy has been going to the beach with me for years, but the pictures are few and far between ;) She has been a great friend and beach time with me has been a "learning" experience for her :)
  • The other shot is Lucy and me. This was Lucy's first trip to the beachhouse and she did well. She loves to curl up in front of a window and there are a ton of them there.

  • Last but not least....Sadie Mae! She's loves the beach. The hard part is keeping her out of the water.

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Anonymous said...

I'm ready to go back to Topsail. Wonder how many unusual fish we could catch this time. Actually, I could stand to catch something usual, maybe spots or even flounder. I really like the pix on your blog even if you didn't id me. That's okay. The pix just make me want to go back even more. Good pictures.