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25 September 2008

Picture Play..

I needed a break from GRE studying one day so I played with the pictures from Topsail.
I hope you enjoy! (Feel free to comment)


Goob said...

My favorites are the one of your Mom (top right) and the one of Amy with her back to the viewer (far left)...ha, although the middle and right one of her are a perfect "before" and "after" of my back whenever I go to the beach -- even with the SPF 75. :)
Depending on the lighting you played with, it looks like totally different times of day!
What kind of camera was it?

CHRISTA said...

It was Amy's little point and shoot. I'll ask. I was just thrilled to have a camera in my hands :)
Mama really liked the one with the wierd colors because of the sky. It was just fun to look at all of the different alterations that were possible.