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01 September 2008

It's the Little Things....

....that count

How often do you pass a homeless man on ths side of the street or just look the other way? How often to you help an elderly person load their groceries into their car? How often do you leave a big tip for a server who has done an excellent job? How often do you say thank you to the cashier, the young man who bags your groceries, or your mailperson? Do you buy a brownie from a family who "needs" to sell them? When someone asks you how you are doing do you answer and then ask about them? Do you hold doors open for people?

These are the little things that matter. I can't count how many times I've received a startled look in response to a "thank you." We often overlook people. We all know how it feels to be overlooked and none of us like it. Yet, we do it to others multiple times a day. Some of the biggest blessings you will receive come from your blessing others.

Possibilities are everywhere. In the grocery store: picking up an item that someone else drops, helping out a mom with her hands full, bagging your own groceries, or putting up discarded carts. At the Food Lion Saturday there were carts everywhere around the return. People had just shoved them without trying to consolidate. It took me approximately thirty seconds to straighten them and put them away. By the end I had two others helping and each had a smile on their face. It makes you feel good to help others. Just try it.

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