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26 September 2008


So yesterday I was home sick and thought I had the day to study. I thought I'd take the opportunity to do some laundry while I was around the house all day. Little did I know there was trouble brewing in my kitchen. As I studied vocabulary I heard the sound of a waterfall coming from my kitchen. I ran to the back of the house and see the water running down the kitchen and into the bedroom. (My place is on a major slant....its old...) The water was coming out of the back of the machine like a geyser. I threw every towel I had near to create a levee against the flood (This sounds intense doesn't it :) ) as I made my way across the room to turn the washer off. The smell was HORRIFIC!!!!! I frantically tried to absorb as much water as possible. (4 rolls of Bounty and a lot of towels) That is when I realized that every piece of clothing that fits was either in the washer (with black water) or on the floor soaked with black water. Oh, it gets better.... I then notice that the smell is getting even stronger. In my sink is black liquid with lots of floaters. (dead bugs, leaves, unidentifiable objects, etc...) This is when I became really sick. Every smelled anything that makes you vomit? This was it!!!! You can ask Laurie.
I spent the day trying to get it all taken care of, trying to study, and majorly stressed. The plumber fixed it lastnight at about 9:30 and I have been doing laundry and studying ever since. Say a prayer today. The GRE is at 2:00. I can't afford to take it again, both with time and money. Everyone who knows me knows that vocabulary recall is not my strongest skill these days. I'm worried (especially seeing how I look at a dog and call it a duck or look at a bush and call is a bus.)

A prayer for peace. A prayer for a memory that works and a prayer that this test will work out the way He has intended.

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